Ishq Vishk Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
May 8, 2003 By IANS

Fresh lime juice is just perfect for the season - the recipe to quench your thirst. So Ken Ghosh doles out a glassful by way of his directorial debut, Ishq Vishk. You needed a tangy perk-up, what with the extended drought of releases till last week. But fresh lime juice also has an element of the temporary about it. No matter how well it quenches your thirst, you are thirsty again 10 minutes later. Ghosh's film is fresh lime juice on celluloid in every sense - watch it, savour it, and the effect's gone before the first burp.

So, what's going for Ishq Vishk? Primarily its all-new cast. In hero Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood might have just found a young actor who should inspire many more producers to dish out another teenybopper flick or two. Three-film-old Amrita Rao comes across as an actress to be taken seriously now, after a dismal debut (Ab Ke Baras) and a minuscule cameo (The Legend Of Bhagat Singh). And if Bollywood needed a new GenNext doll, Shenaz Treasurywala offers a very good option.

Problem is, though Ghosh assorts the right campus colours, he forgot to breathe in anything new by way of script (say, isn't this complaint getting tiresome now?). He forgot that a film about the college crowd needn't just be about two girls head over heels in love with the same guy, that the theme had already been exhausted even when, as a kid, his hero Shahid was watching all those flicks of Shah Rukh Khan - an actor he obviously models his histrionics on.

The setting is desified Riverdale High. So desi Archie, Rajeev (Shahid), has his desi Betty, Paayal (Amrita), his childhood friend who shyly loves him. After the initial dalliance Archie's gaze waver, with the advent of the campus Veronica, Alisha (Shenaz). If this is a Bollywood film, need we spell out which girl gets the guy in the end?

Of course, Ishq Vishk is your best option, given the other two apologies (Pran Jaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye and Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai) released this week.