Kallarali Hoovagi Kannada Movie Review

Dec 23, 2006 By RGV

There are some films which you don't expect too much and enter the theatre with some mixed feelings on the film. But when you return from the theatre, you are completely transformed livid with yourself for underestimating the potential of the film and happy for yourself for seeing a great film. "Kallarali Hoovaagi' produced by Madhu Bangarappa and directed by award winning director T.S.Nagabharana is one such film which takes you to a different plain.

It is a wonderful film that has been released in these times when the Kannada film industry is facing its biggest crisis and launch of new films have been stopped since around three months.

"Kallarali Hoovaagi' has everything to make it the best film of this year. It is hugely mounted; extra ordinarily narrated and brilliantly performed film with a high degree of visual and musical support.

The film is a result of the hard work of am exceptionally talented team of technicians which includes such wonderful creators like Nagabharana, Hamsalekha and Venu. But still the film did not carry any expectations only because the debacle of "Kumara Rama" was seen as a clear dampener for historical flicks.

‘Kallarali Hoovaagi' is based on a novel of historical fiction written by B.L.Venu. Set in the seventeen century in the kingdom of the Chitradurga fort. It is the story of a young Hindu warrior brought up in traditional moorings saving a wounded Muslim girl and bringing her to his house. The matter becomes very sensitive as the family members come to know that the girl is a Muslim from the neighboring Mysore province who have waged war against the Madakarinayaka's kingdom of Chitradurga. The warrior slowly falls for the dumb Muslim girl whose brother's act as spies against the Chitradurga province. The girl's predicament to live like a Hindu girl in a precisely Hindu ambience and the boy's desire to get her likes fulfilled form the part of narration later. Then the truth comes to light, but the boy convinces the king of his loyalty. Finally he and his lady love sacrifice their life to protect the kingdom from the attacks of the neighboring provinces.

"Kallarali Hoovaagi" is superbly crafted by Nagabharana's deft handling of the subject. It looks as if Music Director Hamsalekha has given more than one hundred percent of high talent and worked as though his existence in the industry had depended on his compositions and background score for this film. Such a high quality background score has not been heard for many days in the Kannada films. Venu's photography particularly in the night sequences is of high quality. The editing, art works and designing has to get full marks. B.L.Venu's dialogues have punch and easily digestible, despite the usage of many folk related words.

The film looks like a narration of a seventeen century story. Vijaya Raghavendra has delivered an excellent performance in the film. He is one actor in the Kannada film industry who wants to show improvement with each film and is highly quality conscious. Umashankari is equally brilliant and it is unfortunate that she has quit films after her recent marriage.

Ambareesh as Madakarinaayaka, Devaraj as Hyder Ali, Anant Nag as the court doctor and other veterans like Bharathi Vishnuvardhan and Sumalatha Ambareesh have performed with adequate ease. The performances of all the artists are really high class.

"Kallarali Hoovaagi" is a top line film which is a must see for all film buffs who look for quality in films. Even for the so called mass audience, it will be a good package of good entertainment values.

'Kallarali Hoovaagi' is a top line film which is a must see for all film buffs who look for quality in films. Even for the so called mass audience, it will be a good package of good entertainment values.
Rating: 83%