Acharya Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
May 22, 2006 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

"Aachaarya" is a poignant story of young man, who takes to crime to earn a living and later treat a transformation path after realizing his past mistakes. Writer-Director Ravi, formerly an associate of Bala has tried to give a different twist to a gang war tale in his "Aachaarya". And he succeeds to a large extent in his attempt. An icy aplomb for his originality!!

However, the film may not beat the competition from the movies of it genre, because at no point you feel the adrenaline pumping and the suspense is non-existent. The story lacks the slickness to make it set apart from the competition. But somehow there is enough charm in the ramshackle affair to win you over.

Here goes the story...

Yadhunandhan (Vignesh), an unchavriti Brahmin boy is an orphan. He leaves his village near Madurai to earn his living. He comes across Mayakka (Vadivukkarasi), a vegetable seller in market. Mayakka, a tough female is leader of own a rowdy gang. Sympathizing Yadhunandhan for his plight, she takes him under her wings. Then on, Yadhu becomes Samy and he befriends the rival group leader Annavi Thevar (Nasser) and other goons in the market. Samy is gentle but yet tough nut to crack.

In a brutal gang war, Mayakka is killed by the rival group. Police start cracking down on the gangsters. Samy and his friends are on the run to escape police. But he is after Thevar to revenge Myakka's death. How Samy, with the help of his girlfriend Divya and the local cop, Thiruvachagam IPS (Charanraj), fights to bring Thevar to justice is narrated in the remaining part of the movie.

Vignesh relishes the challenge to perform a character, which demands the acting prowess of a seasoned actor. However, in most part of the film, he looks lifeless and bland. Sometimes, you may wonder if the endless stunts have left him with no energy. He surely has missed a good opportunity to establish himself as a star-in-the-making.

A disarming performance by Vadivukkarasi as a termagant, valiant woman and Nasser 's demeanor and poise nearly overwhelms the proceedings. Ganja Karuppu provides plenty of uplifting wit. Charanraj as straightforward police officer is natural and appealing. Divya the heroin, has nothing much to perform. She is suave and pleasant though.

At times Srikanth Deva's re-recording is din. But the music in the climax is laudable. Also the fiery Bharathiar song "Edum Edum..." (Manicka Vinayakam) rings in your ears for quite sometime after leaving the theater.

Ravi though knows his subject well has failed to show his story-telling technique. This is because Ravi fails to explain the transformation of Samy from a genteel to a hard boiled goon and the love between Samy and Divya is not convincing.

A.C.Pillai's art is authentic. The film's visual palette is almost too rich.

Even if Ravi steers the narrative towards the inevitable cornball conclusion with little care for subtlety, "Aachaarya" is still most certainly a movie worth watching.

P.V.Sathish Kumar