Photo Review

Sep 6, 2006 By Kishore

"Love is not a word – it's a sentence. Sometimes it can be a life sentence too." These are the words that can be found on the posters of the movie – Photo. I don't know what does it means. But the process of watching the movie is definitely a sentence (punishment) that lasts for at least a day. And if you watch it during the night you will be sick till morning.

It's a horror movie that has tried to use kinked creativity. The director Sivanageshwara Rao uses stupid premises to make the masses believe in his script. Premise no 1- You can catch ghosts on a Polaroid camera. 2- Ghosts can make phone calls. Well, the list is long…but I will save you the troubles.

The story:

Swapna (Muktha) loves Siddhartha (Anand). But Siddhartha thinks Swapna as a friend and moves with her to save her from the gang of his friends who rape girls and take their nude photos to make them silent. Yet Swapna is brutally murdered in the college by the same gang. The ghost of Swapna avenges her murder by killing all the three members of the gang and pursues Siddhartha till the end believing him to be an accomplice in the murder.

Sivanageswara Rao should have stuck to comedies, of which he gave us a string of flops. With time he could have improved. But he jumped track and shifted to horror, only to disappoint. Photo is an illogical movie both from the angle of the plot and the concept. How can a ghost not know who are her killers (if at all there is a ghost).

Before getting killed she has seen who have killed her and after her death she can see what's happening. Then how can the ghost in question here pursue the hero simply because his unconscious body was put on her dead body and photographed by the gang to give the impression that he raped her.

After all when the ghost is capable of doing many things that is shown in Photo, she could have easily found out whether the hero was involved in the killing. Both the ghost and Sivanageshawara Rao get poor marks for not doing their homework properly.

To top it all, the way Jayasudha is portrayed as a lovely mother who preserves her daughter's body for months end, hardly goes down with the audience well. The comedy is as horrible as the movie. Overall the movie probably would end up being the most boring movie of the year.

Overall the movie probably would end up being the most boring movie of the year.
Rating: 2.2 / 10