Delhii Heights Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film
Apr 1, 2007 By Arpana

We've seen small-budget, 'zara hatke' films like "Khosla Ka Ghosla" and "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" turn into good entertainers and rake in moolah at the box office. Something similar was expected from first time director Anand Kumar's "Delhii Heights".

But he disappoints. If Kumar had executed the story cleverly and concentrated on fewer characters, he could have made it an appealing fare.

In the movie, Delhii Heights is the name of a high-rise apartment in the capital and the story revolves around the people living in it.

Neha Dhupia and Jimmy Shergill, who are working in rival ad agencies, are the protagonists in this slice-of-life story. The other couple in the film is played by Simone Singh and Rohit Roy, who is a big time flirt.

Apart from them, other residents of the apartments are Om Puri, who plays a sardar, Vivek Shauq, a bookie, and a band of four boys just whiling away their time doing nonsensical things.

Too cluttered!

The story is about Jimmy and Neha and how their work messes up their personal lives ... And finally how they find a solution to put their married life on track.

In the meantime, Simone catches her flirtatious husband red-handed with another woman. She walks out on him but an accident forces her to reconsider her decision.

The story is too predictable to keep the audiences hooked. If the director had concentrated on the main plot instead of meandering in too many directions, it could have been a good movie.

As for performances, Om Puri takes the cake and the rest of the cast seems to be just okay ... you don't mind flaws in the performances because you know their limitations.

Songs are tolerable but the background score by the debutant music director Rabbi Shergill works as a deterrent and doesn't really enhance the situations in the film.

In short, you can give it a miss!