Aishwarya Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Romantic
Sep 15, 2006 By RGV

Upendra-Deepika starred "Aishwarya" directed by Indrajith Lankesh is one film which has been released with a huge media build up and some savvy pre release publicity.

The film also carried huge expectations because it was the first film of country's top model Deepika Padukone.

Though the director had made the film without revealing the contents of the story and its presentation, there was this lurking feeling that it might have been inspired by some successful non Kannada films.

Indrajith has always tried to create his own scripts and present them with very appealing visuals and catchy songs. In Aishwarya, the director goes one step ahead and makes it visually spectacular with rich production values. Here most of the characters are from rich backgrounds and even if the two heroines belong to middle class origins, they are presented in some fantastic colors and chic costumes.

In a way this aspect makes you to forget all the negative shades in the film and come out from the theatre with a happy frame of mind. That is the USP of the film.

The difference in presentation occurs to you from the first frame when Upendra is presented with a totally different hair style and looks.

The trend continues till the final sequence of a happy ending.

Deepika Padukone is also presented with style and she looks captivating on screen. Her dress sense and smile are immaculate. Even the locations are selected with care as much as the background coloring and the choice of dresses for the artists. All these things make it visually stronger.

The peppy youthful songs which have already become a huge hit also add up to the attractive values of the film. All the three songs shot on Deepika (The title song, Manmatha and Hudugi Hudugi) are taken well.

Still the film should have taken a better tempo in the first half of the film. The second half of the film moves faster like a Formula race while the first half lacks the pace.

The director however makes up by taking a plot which is a take off from the sequences of Surya-Asin starred "Ghajini' which comes in the first half. The film's second half reminds of Nagarjuna starred Telugu Hit "Manamthudu'. In that way even "Manmathudu' had a thin story line and had appealed only in the second half.

All the comedy portions, emotional sequences and the three top songs are placed in the second half of the film.

The story is simple. It tells about the transformation of a rich and famous Business leader Abhishek Hegde who initially shown as woman hater, but who has to change his mind because of another assertive and fun loving girl Aishwarya.

Aishwarya comes into life after he had some bitter experience in a love affair. Aishwarya is a girl hailing from a middle class family who finds Abhishek's antics a little uncomfortable and decides to resign only a few days after she joins his AD firm. But she is counseled by Abhishek's uncle who reveals the background. She decides to stay put in the office and also teach Abhishek a lesson.

Abhishek and Aishwarya will travel to Europe for promoting the firm's business interests where the two understand each other. Love blossoms, but both of them refuse to reveal what is in their mind. . Abhishek goes into depression again when he comes to know that Aishwarya is already engaged. What happens next?

Well the film which has a happy ambience from the first reel also ends up with a happy note.

Upendra comes out with a highly dignified performance. He has also excelled as a singer and lyricist in the film. He has some flashy dresses which look good in the songs.

Deepika has a very good screen presence and her gorgeous looks will certainly floor the young audience. She is definite to go places in the future, but she has to improve in emotional sequences.

Daisy Bopanna has also come out with a standout performance. The supporting cast of Komal and Sadhu Kokila are very good in comedy.

"Aishwarya" appeals more to t