Hungama Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Jun 2, 2003 By IANS

The Hera Pheri director Priyadarshan, returns with Golmaal kinda mistaken identity comedy, serving it with his own brand of wit and humour.

Nandu (Aftab) and Anjali (Rimi Sen) share a room as fake husband-wife because the landlord rents it out only to married couples. Jeetu (Akshaye) loves Anjali, mistaking her as the daughter of Radheshyam Tiwari Tiwari(Paresh Rawal). Tiwari suspects that his wife has an affair with Jeetu, while her wife thinks Tiwari loves Anjali. Further her encounter with Kachraseth (Shakti Kapoor) makes her believe that her husband has sons and daughters out of wedlock. Confusion and chaos continues in the subsequent reels and the final outcome is total timepass.

Inspired from Priyadarshan's Malayalam film, the first half-an-hour of HUNGAMA is extremely confusing. That's because there are too many characters and the director introduces all the characters and their stories together.

The movie is stuffed with too many subplots with most of the characters being half-baked. For instance, Nandu is shown to be an aspiring singer and the only way we get to know about his talent is because of the guitar he always carries. Anjali who's just arrived from village wears modern outfits and willingly agrees to share the room with a male stranger. But all this is excusable for the film's prime focus is humour, which it provides in plenty. All the situationless songs pop up as dream sequence inducing you to sleep. The movie could also have done with better editing (like the Rajpal Yadav track, which seems to be forced unnecessarily)

The performance of the entire cast is loud, which again comes at the excuse that their character demands. Akshaye screams the most but has comic flair. The photogenic Rimi Sen is charming and expressive. And you can't help but laugh at the goofy Paresh Rawal. Though he tends to get theatrical at times, he still amuses with his impeccable timing. through his typical Bihari character [after his successful attempts at playing Marathi (Hera Pheri) and Gujarati (Awara Pagal Deewana) comic characters] Aftab is likeable for he remains most natural.

The cast doesn't get into histrionics to get you into hysterics. That's the fun about Hungama. There's no slapstick, no baffoony characters, worth some hilarious moments.