Arunam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Action

Arunam is a 2006 Indian movie directed by Vinod Mankara starring Manoj K. Jayan, Geetu Mohandas, Mala Aravindan and Vineeth Kumar. The feature film is produced by CV Radhakrishnan and the music composed by Remesan Nair.

Release Info:
December 30 2006 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vinod Mankara

Achuthan is a factory worker, a trade union leader and a sworn communist. Commitment to the party takes priority over ev... Show more

Achuthan is a factory worker, a trade union leader and a sworn communist. Commitment to the party takes priority over even his family. He is also an ardent lover of music. His wife is Seetha. Munisamy is a co-worker in the same factory. He hails from Tamil Nadu and lives with his wife Sarasamma, daughter Valli and son Selvan. After he retires, Munisamy pays the entire amount he gets as retirement benefits to the Party Secretary as bribe to get his son a job. However, even after a long wait Selvan does not get the promised job. Disillusioned, Munisamy leaves home one day and does not return. The burden of taking care of Munisamy's family falls on Achuthan. He looks after Munisamy's children as his own.

An honest party worker and an idealist, Achuthan takes up the issue of corruption within the party in party forums. This antagonizes sections within the party and leads to his being ostracized by the party. People opposed to him even hint that he has an illicit relationship with Munisamy's daughter. Arunam tells the story of the trials and tribulations that a person who is an out and out idealist has to face in life.

Arunam is the debut commercial venture of Vinod Mankara, who has directed 618 documentaries and won seven state awards and one national award. Manoj K. Jayan and Geethu Mohandas who first acted together in Balachandra Menon's Krishna Gopalakrishna, team up again in this film, which has them doing the roles of a middle aged couple in Achuthan and Seetha. Mala Aravindan and KPAC Lalitha play the roles of Munisamy and Sarasamma. The film is based on the Kumkumam Award winning novel Arangozhiyunna Achuthan by Sudhakaran Ramanthali.

For the first time in Indian cinema, the title song is a symphony featuring a hundred instruments and a hundred singers. Arunam is slated to be released in November


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Cast & Crew Details:
Manoj K. Jayan
Geetu Mohandas
Mala Aravindan
Vineeth Kumar
Jagathy Sreekumar
Senthil Kumar
TP Madhavan
Rajmohan Unnithan
Sphadikom George
Baiju Santhosh
Kavya Madhavan
KPAC Lalitha
Aarathi Maraar

Director: Vinod Mankara
Producer: CV Radhakrishnan
Music Director: Remesan Nair
Song Lyrics Writer: O.N.V Kurup
Cinematographer: MJ Radhakrishnan
Screenplay Writer: Vivekanandan Nair