Dharmapuri Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2006 | Drama, Action
Oct 24, 2006 By PVS

Cinema is a medium that can function on many levels. Mainly it is used to entertain. Director Perarasu, widely respected for his films "Sivakasi," "Tirupathi" has used this medium to represent Vijayakanth's political ideology, arguments and project him as the next chief of Tamil Nadu government. In "Dharmapuri" Perarasu has sculpted a perfect film around the personality of Vijayakanth and he is largely successful in that.

Vijayakanth as a sole protagonist in the film has a ball of a time smashing scores of people single handedly, romancing with a charming village belly, delivering punch dialogues, and emoting. An ensemble of support casts including Lakshmi Roy, Peeli Sivam, Anu Mohan, Rajesh and Mano Bala among others lends an excellent support to the hero to make the movie an engrossing fare.

Nevertheless, it won't linger in your mind for more than a minute once you have left the cinema, but you will enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Here goes the story…

Sivaram (Vijayakanth) lives in exile in Rameswaram with his parents, father Meiyappan (Vijaykumar) and mother Sumithra. Meiyappan (Vijaykumar) had left their village in Dharmapuri in a huff.

Meiyappan is a sincere farmer and a head of a village in Dharmapuri.

He strongly believes in traditional industry and encourages his fellow people to take up businesses like making clay pots and artifacts instead of selling their lands to large builders in cities, who want their lands for its rich sand soil. To gain confidence among his people, Meiyappan donates his 200 acres of land for the benefit of the village. Knowing about this, Meiyappan's brother, Mokkayam

(Manivannan) and his two wicked sons Peruchalikaruppu (Bobby) and Silanthikaruppu (Raj Kapoor) grab the gifted land and give it on lease to local MLA Konda Mookan. Fearing for his life, Meiyappan with his family flees the village.

The village now under their control, the shenanigans spread the culture of violence in and around the village. They close down schools and the hospital in the village and set up brothels, liquor shops in its place. Fearing their growing terror, the villagers meet Sivaram and goad him to come back to their village and fight the evil.

Sivaram along with Shanmugham (M.S.Bhaskar) come to the village. Here, Sivaram meets Valarmathi (Lakshmi Roy) and romance begins between the two.

The remaining film is about how Sivaram fights single handedly to redeem the village from the treacherous hands.

It is through and through Vijayakanth movie and he has made the best use of the opportunity to bore a deep impression among the audience that he is the sole savior of the Tamil land. The timing of his dialogue delivery is simply superb. Some of his action scenes are however hard to digest.

Racy musical score by Srikanth Deva are peppy and aligns well with the lyrics penned by the director himself.

Though the movie is mainly for the B and C class audience - that form large part of his fans base, A-class audience may be hard pushed not to enjoy the film. On the whole it is good natured movie.