Kisse Pyaar Karoon Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Kisse Pyaar Karoon is one terrible watch.
Feb 27, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

Kisse Pyaar Karoon directed by Ajay Chandhok has a talented star cast. With Arshad Warsi and Aashish Chowdhary headlining the comic caper, you expect the movie to be entertaining. The two were good in the thoroughly entertaining Dhamaal (directed by Indra Kumar). Also starring Yash Tonk (Ishq Vishq), Udita Goswami, Aarti Chhabria, Shakti Kapoor and Shweta Menon; Kisse Pyaar Karoon promises to entertain. But does it?

Sidh [Arshad Warsi], John [Aashish Chowdhry], and Amit [Yash Tonk] are inseparable friends. Their life is full of fun, frolic and adventure. But at times destiny cannot fathom such smooth sail. Hence it introduces twists and turns to the happy goings, to usher in some trauma and some drama. So, enters Sheetal [Udita] with an evil design to usurp all the wealth of John. She entices him and John falls for her. She creates problems and hurdles in their friendship. Sidh and Amit realize her game and plan to foil it. They decide to bring John back but John is in her full grip and refuses to budge. To save John, Sidh and Amit embark on an ambitious mission to save John. Sheetal retaliates with full venom. Sidh and Amit without any ammunition fight back with all the weaknesses at their disposal. We enter the world of Chitty - Chitty Bang Bang.

Kisse Pyaar Karoon has some funny scenes, but they are far and few in between and that's exactly what makes the film a painful watch.

The film is exactly what you get to see from the trailers; 3 - 4 actors indulge themselves into exaggerated physical mannerisms in a story that completely lacks common sense - which in short is called slapstick! Well directed slapstick comedies, with good actors and dialogues are great fun to watch, but Kisse Pyaar Karoon fails in all three.. The performances are poor, dialogues are pathetic... the director (Ajay Chandhok) has potential but the poor illogical script lets him down.

This is undoubtedly Arshad Warsi's worst performance ever; it's hard to understand what urged an actor with talent in abundance, to sign such films..! Aashish Chowdhary is unbearable in a few scenes. Yash Tonk does well. Udita Goswami looks hot, can't expect much from her performance wise. Aarti Chhabria has nothing to do. Shakti Kapoor is fine. Shweta Menon is good.

To sum up, Kisse Pyaar Karoon is one terrible watch. Don't watch it, even if you're paid to!

Ashok Nayak