Cash Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Action, Drama
Aug 3, 2007 By Ashok Nayak

Cash directed by Anubhav Sinha is yet another action thriller. The director's last effort DUS was impractical, yet kept the audience engrossed to some extent. For Cash, Anubhav has managed to pool in a good star cast and made use of animations which is new to Bollywood, but failed to work on the all important script.

So what's the story all about? Although there isn't any... Let me try explaining the initial introductory scenes. There are three diamonds on which Angad (Suniel Shetty) a don, Doc (Ajay Devgan) an ace con artist, and Shania (Shamita Shetty) head of security have set their eyes on and are planning hard to take possession of it. Angad's girlfriend Aditi (Dia Mirza) helps him in executing his task. Doc employs Lucky (Ritesh Deshmukh), DJ (Zayed Khan) and Pooja (Esha Deol) in accomplishing this task given by Aditi. Shania is unaware of the fact that her boyfriend Karan, whom she considers to be a writer, is in fact Doc. Who overtakes whom, who wins the diamonds forms the rest of the movie.

Well, so far it seems to be a fun and thrilling heist. But not quiet. Anubhav Sinha (the director) sure has made a visually enticing movie but Vinay - Yash (the writers) have let him down big time. The first half of the movie moves at an extremely sluggish pace with all the unnecessary introduction of the characters, who suddenly turn into weird cartoons. Out of nowhere a fast paced climax is arbitrarily slapped onto the film.

The movie moves at a faster pace in the second half with a few comic scenes, but again far from satisfactory. In short it lacks the Brilliance of a Dhoom 2. But then it's a bit too much to expect a Hrithik Roshan out of an Ajay Devgan! Editing is below average. Most of those animations should be chopped off. Music (Vishal-Shekhar) is a major plus point. The title song stays with you even after you come out of the theatre. The background music and action is great. Choreography needs a special mention, its brilliant.

It's Ritesh Deshmukh who steals the show and delivers a good performance. Ajay Devgan all bicepped and stylish is awfully expressionless. Throughout the movie he shows no energy that his role demands. Such roles are just not meant for him. Zayed Khan is competent. Suniel Shetty is average. Shamita Shetty looks glam and acts well enough. Diya Mirza's looks ravishing but is completely wasted. Isha Deol wears a plain look and in some scenes looks manly! Awful makeup.

Overall, Cash has heavy duty stunts, action, thrill but no story. At the box office, the Cash will start flowing in heavily in the first week but second week onwards it should crash.

All style, no content. Disappointing.

Rating 1.5 / 5

Ashok Nayak