Mozhi Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Romance
Feb 23, 2007 By PVS

Mozhi is not a regular masala flick but a straightforward, heartbreaking and refined tale of love. The power of this film resides in its story, strong and believable narration, genuine sadness and tour-de-force performance by all central characters – Prithviraj, Jyothika, and Prakash Raj.

Director Radha Mohan and producer Prakash Raj have made this riveting flick for all age groups. Radha Mohan must be lauded for this exemplary direction and for getting the best out of all his casts.

Let me tell you about some part of this emotional roller-costar.

Karthik (Prithviraj) and Viji (Prakash Raj) are close friends. They both work for Music Director Vidyasagar as keyboard players. They come to live in a multi-storied apartment. Here they encounter different kind of people. They rub shoulders with their neighbor and flat secretary Ananthakrishnan (Brahmanandam). Because they are bachelors, he asks them to vacate the apartment. The ensuing meetings with Ananthakrishnan, a professor (M.S. Bhaskar) and with another girl next door provide a riot of laughter and one never feels disengaged at any point in time.

One day Karthik sees Archana (Jyothika) on the road thrashing a drunkard to teach him a lesson for beating his wife. Impressed by her bold and candid attitude, Karthik instantly gets attracted towards her. He hotly pursues her to establish a contact. In the process, he comes to know that she is a deaf and dumb girl. In spite of her disabilities, Karthik is determined to marry her. With the help of Viji, Karthik meets Archana's best friend Sheela (Swarnamalya) and tells his desire. With her help, Karthik learns sign language to understand and convey his feelings to Archana much better. However, Archana due to her bitter experiences with her parents in the past remains emotionally delicate and cease any talk of getting married. The rest of the story, as it chugs along with it own pace, tells you how Karthik convinces Archana about the reality of life.

From the beginning Jyothika's mesmerizing performance holds the attention. The beauty of it is that it's impossible not to have an emotional reaction to her finely drawn character. Knowing well that the role that good is rare, Jyothika gives an award winning performance with her vulnerability, honesty and energy.

Convincing performance from Pritviraj and Prakash Raj and surprisingly agreeable twists and turns makes the whole fare deeply engrossing. Besides, Brahmanandam provides plenty of uplifting wit. Cinematographer K.V.Guhan complements with his flashy visuals. Music director Vidyasagar has composed few pleasant songs. Especially Katrin Mozhi... and Sevvanam Selaikatti... will satisfy your music needs. His background score has simply elevated the spirit to another level.

On the whole 'Mozhi' is a truly absorbing film.