Mozhi Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Romance
Feb 23, 2007 By Sharada Balasubramanian

If there is one movie which has truly touched my heart and reached my soul, made my laugh and think about life, it is Mozhi indeed. One of the best Tamil movies released in the recent past. Prakash Raj has made the finest attempt and has created wonders with the characters in the movie. The film emphasizes the importance of each character and the story behind each one of them and more importantly the learning of life. A truly enjoyable film indeed and you can see meaningful cinema here!

The story begins by portraying two friends, Karthik (Prithviraj) and Viji (Prakash Raj). Both of them are musicians, rather keyboard players and work in the film industry. The film begins with some amazing comedy and it continues throughout the movie with some nuances of seriousness, emotions and drama.

Karthik accidentally see a drunkard beating his wife. Just as he is about to approach to stop the scene, he sees a girl coming and slapping the man. Here, his lady love enters in the movie, Archana (Jothika). She hits the man and walks away before Karthik could go and talk to her and appreciate. Undoubtedly, the act of bravery won his heart and he falls in love. He tries to search her and finally sees that she lives in the same apartment. He tries to get friendly with her and realizes that she is deaf and dumb.

Kathik gets more details about Archana from her friend Sheela (Swarnamalya) who is a teacher in a deaf and dumb school. He also learns the language so that he can communicate with Archana. Sheela helps Karthik know Archana. As the foursome become friends, there are some nice moments and some amazing songs.

As time passes by, one day Karthik confesses his love to Archana and tells her that he wants to marry her, but she slaps him and asks him to get away from his life. Rest of the movie is about how Karthik convinces Archana.

The whole movie has a touch of emotion, comedy and different experiences of life and how people perceive humans with their own experience-fear, agony, and sadness and so on. There is a fine blend of emotions and the movie can enrapture the audience with its constant flow of comedy and meaningful storyline. The background music is amazing and the acting doubtlessly was excellent. Jothika's performance was scintillating along with exceptional performance by Prithviraj. Swarnamalya has done a very good supporting role but the icing on the cake is Prakash Raj's acting.

In all, a well-made movie with each character carved in a unique way to give each of them a special importance. A movie shouldn't be missed!!

Sharada Balasubramanian