Chotta Mumbai Synopsis

Vasco and his gang aren't exactly saints. They aren't devils either. They are small time conmen based in Kochi. Their only aim is to make enough money each day doing a little bit of swindling, cheating, embezzlement or whatever else it takes, and then blowing it all up living high. Their main victims are the hordes of foreign tourists that come flocking to the city. The carnival season is harvest time for them. Vasco is the head of the gang, of which Basheer, Tomychan, Chandrappam, Sainu and Susheelan are the other members. Latha is an autorikshaw driver who is determined that Vasco, with whom her marriage had once been planned, would be the one to eventually marry her. Vasco has two sisters - Rachel and Maria. He is extremely fond of them, and whatever he does, will never allow a tear to well up in their eyes. But then something happens that dramatically changes the carefree happy-go-lucky lifestyle of Vasco and his friends. What that is, forms the story of Chchotta Mumbai being directed by Anwar Rasheed, whose earlier venture was the super-grosser Rajamanikyam starring Mammootty. The film was shot in and around Kochi, and is slated for a Vishu release.