Athili Sathi Babu LKG Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Comedy, Social Issues
Apr 7, 2007 By Kishore


Athili Sathi Babu LKG is a hugely entertaining movie that's refreshingly crisp and charming. May the tribe of EVV increase for the conscientious director/producer frequently makes movies that have a positive influence on the society. He doesn't pander to cheap taste and sends out strong social messages through humor. Isn't that the best way to teach people about right and wrong as well as upholding the moral values in life? This way it works better than seriously preachy movies.

If EVV is sometimes accused of using sexual themes in his movies he is not hypocritical about it. He shows it as a necessary part of life and does it openly. Though some dialogs in his movie seems to be of inferior quality and designed to cater to the masses, that's excusable. For on the whole he scores heavily on the plus side.


Again actor Allari Naresh has something to cheer about in his career. Though propped by his able father EVV Satyanarayana, Allari Naresh would be happy with the way his career is shaping up because of his creditable acting skills. His last hit movie was Kithakitalu and now Athili Sathi Babu LKG is definitely going to be very popular with people from all centers and all sections of society.

A little bit about the story:

Athili Sathi Babu (Naresh) is the youngest son of a philanthropist. His father leaves behind a legacy of good will, name and fame through his philanthropic endeavors. But his sons Naresh, Raghu Babu, and Sunil are just polar opposites of what their father was. Raghu Babu is a sot and Sunil is a gambler. Naresh is the modern incarnation of uncle Scrooge. The sole aim of Naresh is to amass wealth. He fails to understand love and thinks it's a plan to trap him. He gets ready for marriage for the sake of dowry ignoring and belittling the pure love of Vidisha.


Well, go and watch the movie to know the rest of the story.

Athili Sathi Babu LKG is not a superb movie because it is socially relevant. It is a comedy movie that carries nitrous oxide in every dialog. Krishna Bhagwan as a villainous proxy municipal chair person is comically sinister. If the characterization of the protagonist as a stingy small town business man is appreciable, the over all direction of the movie is perfect.

Athili Sathi Babu is a cool stress buster. And it teaches a lot of good things about family, money, and what should be the priority in life.