God Tussi Great Ho Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Comedy, Romance
God Tussi Great Ho is an average entertainer. A few funny scenes make the Bruce Almighty rip-off worth a dekho for Salman Khan fans.
Aug 15, 2008 By Ashok Nayak

Mindless entertainers seem to be the statement makers for a long time now. Adding to the list is 'God Tussi Great Ho' directed by Rumy Jaffrey. The movie stars Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and Sohail Khan in the lead. The movie has been in the making for a long time now. The promotion has been low key, any hopes?

Arun Prajapati (Salman Khan) has been trying to be a successful TV anchor but success has always eluded him. He only blames God for this. Arun is head over heels in love with Alia (Priyanka Chopra), who is a TV anchor and well-known star working in the same channel but he has never been able to express his love for her. Destiny plays a cruel game with him when Rocky is appointed as an anchor for the channel. Arun starts believing that Rocky will win over Alia. Circumstances go out of hand for Arun and he gets thrown out of the channel.

He has nobody to blame but God. And very soon he has an encounter with the God Almighty. An argument ensues between the two. God then decides to give Arun the power to run earth for seven days as Arun claims he can do a better job. After Arun becomes God, he becomes successful. He puts Rocky into an uneasy spot and wins Alia's heart. Also, he grants everybody's wish, and much to his dismay this becomes the biggest problem of his life.

A few moments of laughter and fun is what God Tussi Great Ho is all about. The director has etched in some crazy scenes here and there in a plot line that makes very little sense with few songs attached to add to the runtime of the movie. The first half is spent in telling us about the failures of our hero Arun and how he gets the power of God. After all this, you expect a good second half but it disappoints. The pace is slow and the songs in the later half are bad! A few scenes between Salman Khan and Anupam Kher are good. But that is all the movie has got to offer. As a whole, although entertaining, it fails to hold the viewers attention. It's the script that lets the director down more than anything else.

Cinematography is good. Dialogues are very hilarious at times. Music by Sajid-Wajid is strictly okay, doesn't live up to their usual standard.

Coming to the performances, the movie hardly has any scope for the actors except Salman's character. Salman Khan has the meatiest role and he carries it off like he usually does. His chemistry with Anupam Kher is good. The legendary Bachchan can carry off any role and he suits the role of God. Anupam Kher is great. Priyanka Chopra's role doesn't demand any acting talent. Sohail Khan is okay.

Overall, God Tussi Great Ho is an average entertainer. A few funny scenes make the Bruce Almighty rip-off worth a dekho for Salman Khan fans.

Rating: 2 / 5

Ashok Nayak