Black & White Hindi Movie

Feature Film | Drama, Thriller

Black & White is a 2008 Indian movie directed by Subhash Ghai starring Anil Kapoor, Anurag Sinha, Shefali Shah and Aditi Sharma. The feature film is produced by Subhash Ghai and the music composed by Sukhwinder Singh.

Release Info:
March 7 2008 (India)  
Language: Hindi
Director: Subhash Ghai

Bollywood showman Subhash Ghai is back to filmmaking after a long break with a movie on terrorism, "Black and White". Hi... Show more

Bollywood showman Subhash Ghai is back to filmmaking after a long break with a movie on terrorism, "Black and White". His period romance, "Kisna: The Warrior Poet" had bombed at the box office in 2005.

Set in Delhi, the drama revolves around Professor Rajan Mathur (Anil Kapoor) who teaches Urdu literature in Zakir Hussain College. He lives in Chandni Chowk with his activist wife, Roma Mathur (Shefali Shah).

One day, Mathur meets a young man Numair Qazi (Anurag Sinha), who introduces himself as a victim of communal riots in Gujarat. Mathur believes him and gives him shelter without knowing the reality that Numair is a suicide bomber commissioned by a Muslim fundamentalist group. His aim is to plant a bomb near the Red Fort Aug 15.

During his 15-day stay, Numair wins the professor's trust. Even his sharp-tongued wife becomes fond of him. He also meets a modern Muslim college girl Shagufta.

In a short period, Mathur becomes so fond of Numair that he helps him get a pass for the Aug 15 celebrations at Red Fort. The professor also introduces him to the warm and loving people of Chandni Chowk, who coexist with fun, music, love, colourful events and festivals irrespective of their religion.

Despite his deep-rooted fundamentalist beliefs, he sees Chandni Chowk as one of the most colourful and loving areas. Everybody showers love and affection on Numair and their attitude surprises the terrorist. There is no black and white.

He starts questioning himself and finds himself caught in an emotional dilemma to go ahead with his mission. But he moves on.

Terrorism is a burning issue plaguing the entire world. If researched well and executed deftly, the film might be a good watch especially because of Anil who is known to be a perfectionist. Anil gives meticulous attention to every detail of his character.

Shot in Delhi and Mumbai, Ghai's film launches Anurag Sinha.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Anil Kapoor
Anurag Sinha
Shefali Shah
Aditi Sharma
Habib Tanvir

Director: Subhash Ghai
Producer: Subhash Ghai
Music Director: Sukhwinder Singh
Song Lyrics Writer: Ibrahim Ashq
Cinematographer: Somak Mukherjee
Editor: Amitabh Shukla
Art Designer: Leela Chanda

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