Swapnakoodu Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2003 | Comedy, Drama
Sep 11, 2003 By K. T. Thomas

Kunjunju (Prithviraj), Deepak Narayanan (Kunchacko Boban) and Ashta Moorthy (Jayasurya) reach Pondicherry to do their Hotel Management course. Each of these 3 guys is different in the way they look at life but there was something, which bonds them well. Kunjunju is a flirt who makes a pass at every girl he meets; Deepu is a calm and cool guy who is never able to express his true feelings and Ashtmoorthy is a funny person who doesn't take anything serious. These three friends due to their mischievous behavior had to shift their accommodation many times. Finally, their friend Abbas (Vijesh) finds them a suitable accommodation. They had to share a house where a mother (Kalaranjini) and her two daughters are staying. One can expect what happens there where two teenage girls and three guys live together?


the three guys try to win the heart of Kamala (Meera Jasmine) who is a florist. Deepu buys flowers from her almost everyday and is madly in love with her, but does not express it. Ashtamoorthy makes a fool of him and ends up with as her rakhi brother. Meanwhile Kunjunju who starts on the wrong foot with her finds himself bowled over by her charms. Initially Kamala thinks Kunjunju is a flirt but slowly gets attracted to him. Rest of the story is as usual - Kunjunju and Deepu have a fall out and Ashtamoorthy brings them back...

The movie is okay, but people expect more from Kamal with such an impressive casting. Meera Jasmine comes up with another great performance while Bhavana has nothing much to do. There isn't anything much to say about Prithviraj or Kunchacko boban's performances while Jayasurya surprises every one with a his natural flair for comedy.

K. T. Thomas