Yaradi Nee Mohini Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Family
'Yaaradi Nee Mohini' has a liberal dose of comedy, emotions and sentiment. It's a decent love story, de-glam and realistic.
Apr 9, 2008 By PVS

"Yaaradi Nee Mohini" is a remake of the recent Telugu hit "Adavari Maatalaku Arthalu Verule", featuring Venkatesh and Trisha, directed by acclaimed Selvaraghavan. His long-time associate Mithran R. Jawahar makes his debut as a director with the Tamil remake. He has retained the essence of the original Telugu film. Featuring Dhanush and Nayanthara in the lead, "Yaaradi Nee Mohini" has a liberal dose of comedy, emotions and sentiment. Dhanush is right when he says," It's a decent love story, de-glam and realistic." The Censor Board has given the film a "U" certificate.

Vasu (Dhanush), jobless for five years, is totally dependent on his father (Raghuvaran). Coming under the increasing pressure of his father, the wayward youth starts looking for a job in earnest. He meets Keerthi (Nayanthara) and falls in love with her instantly. He decides to join her software company and gets selected in a walk-in-interview. He learns the job with the help of Keerthi. The company sends him and Keerthi to Australia on deputation. While being in Australia, Vasu expresses his love to Keerthi who shocks him by revealing that she has already been engaged. She also tells him that the marriage would take place next month. Seeing his son in mental agony, his father (Raghuvaran) talks to Keerthi and tries to change her mind, but he is insulted and humiliated by the girl. Heart-broken Vasu's father dies. Having lost his father, Vasu is steeped in sorrow and his close friend Karthik consoles him and gives him emotional support. Karthik takes Vasu to his place where his marriage is to be held. On learning that Keerthi is marrying none other than his friend Karthik, who is her cousin, Vasu is shattered.

Dhanush, who appeared as an angry young man in "Polladavan", is soft in this flossy love flick. He plays an intense role with élan. His characterization is realistic too. He has come a long way from an ungainly student in 'Thulluvatho Ilamai', the obsessed lover in "Kadhal Kondein" and the fiery action hero in "Pudupettai". In "Yaaradi…" he proves wrong the impression that he is typecast. His frequent verbal duels with Raghuvaran, on getting the job his asking the old man to have a cup of coffee with him and taking him to a restaurant, his pretending to be a good guy to impress Nayanthara, his volcano-like reaction to Nayanthara's snubbing of his father are some of the scenes in which Dhanush gets into the skin of the character. He brings forth expressions of affection, love and anger with ease.

Nayanthara has no scope to throw her glamour around. But she exhibits her acting skills in full measure. She gives a moving performance in emotional scenes. A sampler is her expression of disgust and distress when she learns that her sister loves Dhanush at a time when she gets closer to him.

In his brief appearance Raghuvaran as the father of Dhanush leaves the hearts heavy. That Raghuvaran was an actor of consummate skill is evident from just one dialogue he delivers to express his glee when Dhanush wants to take him out for a cup of coffee.

Karthik and Karunas fit their roles which they play with all seriousness.

There is no comedy track as such, but humour is woven into the story. This is one of the highlights of the film.

Scenes like Dhanush's discomfiture while shopping with girls, the burst of ruckus and the sudden market fight do not gel with the subject. The dragging climax somewhat dampens the spirit.

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja has been at the top of the charts ever since its release.

The censors, while granting a "U" certificate to the film, are said to have congratulated the new director Mithran Jawahar on coming up with a clean and wholesome family entertainer.

The film is a gripping family drama.