Release: May 18 2007
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Malayalam
Director: Bipin Bhaskar
Producers: Valiyaveettil Siraj, Sinik V Siraj
Music Director: Deepak Dev
Khaki tells the story of two brothers, both of whom are in the police department. Ramakrishnan, the elder of the two is practical minded, and is in it as a means of livelihood to look after the family. Unnikrishnan, the younger sibling is in it out of idealism and juvenile fervor. He is in it...More
Star Cast:
Anand Raj
Chandra Lakshman

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Critic Rating: (2.5)
User Rating: (1.9)

The film is above average and presents the clash of ideals in a lighter vein while focusing strongly on family relationships. (2.5) - Unni Nair Read Full Review


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