Yamagola Malli Modalaindhi Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Comedy, Drama
Aug 24, 2007 By Kishore

Yamagola Malli Modalaindi is old wine in a new bottle with a somewhat old packaging. And the taste is good, like old wine.

The movie is supposed to be a little bit of a continuation of Yamagola as the title suggests. The attempt has been genuine in this regard and the makers have retained Satyanarayana, the man that played the role of Yama in the 1975 flick: Yamagola. Thrity two years later Satyanarayana plays the role of Yama again, but this time with a difference. He is old now and is barely able to lift his mace, which he so haughtily lifted in the 1975 flick at the drop of a hat. That's the way his role of Yama has been carved out for the newer edition of Yamagola and Satyanarayana, the great artist that he is, performs the newer role to perfection.

As a tribute to the departed comedian Alluri Ramalingaiah that played Chitragupta, the makers of the movie have even retained him smartly by using his scenes from the old Yamagola and merging it with the new one with the help of computer technology.

Satyanarayana and Alluri Ramalingaiah are two great actors of Telugu film industry and the original Yamagola was a massive hit. The two have been honored properly by getting place in the new movie.

How come that two movies that are shot at the same time and released a week apart of each other have a few things in common? Surely, the original Yamagola has openly inspired both the movies. But at the same time both the movies have inspired each other a bit too.

In both the movies a powerful pendant that can save lives becomes a theme. Both the movies end with a main character getting saved because of the pendant. Yama and Chitragupta descend on earth to take the life somebody in both the movies.

But the similarities end there. Thankfully the makers of both the movies have used enough of creativity and made the stories a lot different from each other. So those that have watched Yamadonga can watch YMM and yet be treated to a totally fresh story. Compared in their entirety they are totally different from each other.

Though the Yamaloka scenes are common to both the movies, Yamadonga has a lot of scenes pertaining to the Yamaloka.

YMM is not a powerful movie like Yamadonga. It's a humble comedy that takes off as a sequel to Yamagola. SriKanth as the young Yama and Venu as Chitragupta are a degree paler than the original Stayanarayana and Alluri Ramalingaiah combination from Yamagola. But they have acted well.

The real entertainer of YMM is Krishna Bhagwan as Narada. The movie has good storyline and comedy. One has to see the movie to know how the latest Yama flick is based on a unique concept.