Partner Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
Jul 20, 2007 By Ashok Nayak

'Partner' starring Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara Dutta, and Katrina Kaif come from the stable of the director specializing in comedies, David Dhawan. Inspired by director Andy Tennant Hollywood hit film 'Hitch' starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James and Amber Valletta; 'Partner' is yet another amusing entertainer by David Dhawan.

Prem, popularly known as 'Love Guru', helps men hook up with the women of their dreams. Being around women from his childhood, he knows how to make a good first impression and understands the psychology of women which he advocates to men for wooing their lady love. The one thing that Love Guru hates is "one night stands." His recent assignment, Bhaskar is a nerdy financial consultant who falls in love with the gorgeous and famous Priya, daughter of business magnate. While working out the love lives of others, Prem finds a little romance himself as he becomes attracted to gossip columnist, Naina (Lara Dutta). She is a single mother and she tells Prem that she'll marry him only if he can strike a chord with her son Rohan. Will Bhaskar win his love by following the advices of Prem? What happens to Love Guru's love? Between all this fun and frolic, there is a character called 'Chotta Don' who has some of his own interesting stories to tell.

Being very familiar with this genre, David Dhawan succeeds in telling the story in an absolutely convincing way. However some of the side comedy sequence of the Don which adds to the runtime of the movie could have been deducted. Also few songs appeared non situational. Dialogues neatly written and smartly put together are just uproarious. The locale of Mumbai and Phuket are shot excellently well. Music by Sajid- Wajid is enjoyable specially the title track and soni de nacre song which is quiet peppy. Choreography is also pretty good.

Govinda is David's trump card and has acted in most number of films directed by him. Govinda is the real essence of the show and makes a great come back in full fledged role. His expressions are first rate and he pulls of his character excellently well. Salman Khan overacts in some scenes but over all his performance is excellent. As usual he looks smart and stunning. Girls beware!!! Lara Dutta paired opposite Salman Khan is confident and dazzling. Katrina Kaif is good and this time has portrayed expressions quiet well. However she still needs to work on it for better impact. Ali Haji is adorable and delivered his dialogues very well with quiet apt expressions. Rajpal Yadav's performance was first class. Tiku Talsania, Aarti Chabbria, Deepshikha, Rajat Bedi and Dalip Tahil are good.

Overall, 'Partner' is a stylish and crazy entertainment. It is a de-stress therapy and by the end of the film all your facial muscles would have got a good exercise. It's a sure success at the box office.

Ashok Nayak