My Friend Ganesha Hindi Movie Review

Jul 9, 2007 By Arpana

A children's film need not be illogical and dull; it can be smart, intelligent, educating and thoroughly entertaining. And if it has animated characters, it can be all the more fun. However, director Rajiv S. Ruia's offering "My Friend Ganesha" has nothing of that.

The film revolves around a lonely child, Aashu, whose parents are too busy to spend time with him. In school, too, there is no scope for company because Aashu's classmates are bullies and trouble him.

So, the only company he has is his maid Gangubai, who is a good storyteller and a devotee of Lord Ganesha. One day she tells him about Lord Ganesha and his pet rat.

The story brings hope to little Aashu and he asks his parents to bring Ganesha home. The timing also coincides with the annual Ganesha festival. Initially, his parents, who are going through a crisis, refuse to oblige him, but they later fulfil his wish.

Once the idol of Ganesha is brought home, Aashu is elated. He feels he now has a friend and he also solves various problems of the family with the help of the god.

Child artiste Ahsaas Channa, a girl who is passed off as a boy in films and played Shah Rukh Khan's son in "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna", is the saving grace. She gives the senior actors in the film a run for their money.

The script is weak and everything seems overdone. While the film does highlight issues like the loneliness and struggle of a single child whose parents are working, the solution it provides lacks conviction and practicality.

The success of "Hanuman" triggered off a trend of animation films in India, but so far none could repeat its magic. The animation in "My Friend Ganesha" is not so good and fails to enhance the storyline.

The scenes with Ahsaas stand out but the rest of the film is insipid. Upasana Singh in the role of the maid is too loud.

Overall, the film leaves you disappointed.

Child artiste Ahsaas saving grace in 'My Friend Ganesha'
Rating: 5 / 10