Kannamoochi Enada Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2007 | Drama
Nov 11, 2007 By Mythily Ramachandran

'Kannaamoochi Enadaa' is Priya V's second film.

How do you impress the father of the girl you love? This is the question foremost in the mind of Harish, a software professional from Malaysia who accompanies his ladylove Deva to her home in India.

Harish and Deva meet in Kuala Lumpur and fall in love. Harish manages his uncle Maheswaran Iyer's company while Deva is a student of psychiatry there.

Deva's father Aarmugam Gounder is the City Commissioner of Police in Chennai and very much feared by all. Harish now finds himself in quite a tricky position especially with his Brahmin and NRI background not meeting up to the expectations of Aarmugam, a self made man. A little known fact about Harish compounds the situation as he tries to win the hearts of the police officer, who views everyone as a prospective criminal, including his to be son-in-law.

This simple love story entertains with moments to chuckle, especially the scenes with Harish and Aarmugam. And it is the conflict between Sathyaraj (Aarmugam) and Prithviraj (Harish) that forms the prop of the film. Sathyaraj essays his role in his inimitable style. Prithviraj reaffirms himself as a spontaneous actor. Sandhya could have worked on her emotions. For a change it is a pleasure to see Radhika in the role of a docile wife of the male chauvinistic cop.

Besides directing the film, Priya has written the story and screenplay. Dialogues are by A. Siva Kumar and music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Credit for the visuals goes to debutant cinematographer Preetha, noteworthy being the cinematography of the song 'Megam.'

Sri Priya of yesteryears does a cameo. Unwind with the family and forget the mundane, as you watch 'Kannaamoochi Enadaa.'

Mythily Ramachandran