Chandamama Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | Family
Sep 9, 2007 By Kishore

Krishma Vamsi takes a brilliant script and plays it to the gallery.

Mahalakshmi (Kajal Agrawal), daughter of Ranga Rao (Naga Babu), is all set to marry Dora Babu (Siva Balaji) of the same village. Ranga Rao is a highly respected man of the village and Dora Babu also hails from a well to do family. Dora Babu is a simple and hard workingman. He is in the seventh skies after his match is fixed with the most beautiful girl of the village. But soon he realizes that his dreams are short lived. Mahalakshmi has a past. She was in love with a boy named Kishore (Navadeep) when she was studying in the city. And she thinks that Kishore used her.

Mahalakshmi opens up and tells her miserable past to Dora Babu. So Dora Babu sets on tracking down Kishore to teach him a lesson for cheating Mahalakshmi.

The script is brilliant. The direction is good too. But Krishna Vamsi plays to the gallery. Krishna Vamsi has stuck to the traditional image of an Indian heroine. The way he has shown changing lifestyles through his character Navadeep, the physical innocence factor is regressive. Krishna Vamsi takes us to the 21st century and yanks us back to the mid 20th century India.

And the movie drags in the second half a bit. With the leading characters heading to a temple to find a solution to their problem is repetitive.

There is no connection between the word 'Chandamama' and the title of the movie, except that it becomes the theme of an antakshari session, a la Hum Apke Hai Kaun, between the families of the bride and the groom.

Otherwise there are pleasant scenes and nice acting by Siva Balaji, Navadeep, Kajal Agrawal and Sindhu Menon. Siva Balaji was good in the drunken role.

Krishna Vamsi gives a decent movie for families to watch and relax.