Gaja Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Action
Jan 13, 2008 By RGV

"Gaja" is a remake of the Telugu film "Bhadra' though the producers are claiming that it has been adopted from a Telugu story written many years ago. Director Maadesh makes a faithful adaptation of the super hit Telugu film. The film is a top entertainer which has the capacity to keep the audience fully enthralled throughout the 160 minutes of its running. The film is a feast for Darshan fans and is sure to be liked by action filmgoers.

What goes in favor of Gaja is a combination of several factors. The narration is fast paced and similar to that of Ravi Teja- Meera Jasmine starrier " Bhadra'. And Darshan has a tailor made role for him. Komal rocks in the film as a friend of Darshan. And the huge money spend on the film amply reflects on the screen. The foot taping songs, breath-taking chases, sizzling dances and superb stunts will cater to the mass audience in a big way. Debutant Maadesh has won in his battle by keeping the mass audience in mind and has blended all the commercial elements effectively.

Though there are enjoyable family related sequences in the film, one point may well negate the appeal for the family audience. There are too many action sequences in the film in the second half of the film, which may be unpalatable to the female audience. Perhaps this is one element in the film, which may prevent the film to get a Universal acceptance. The film will be fully liked by the mass audience.

Gaja and Krishna are friends. Gaja goes out to Krishna's village for a Holiday but finds some startling events happening. He finds that Krishna's brother Devendra has a running feud with a rival faction, which prevents a harmonious relationship between the two families. But Gaja becomes a darling of Devendra's family and he also takes a liking to Shwetha, the sister of Devendra. But in a faction fight later Devendra gets killed along with his wife. Gaja tries to save the situation, but when he finds that the entire family of Devendra has become a target, he wants to run away with his friend Krishna and Shwetha. The rival faction leader's brother will kill Krishna and in a retaliatory mood Gaja kills him. He then escapes to Bangalore along with Shwetha. And then a cat and mouse game starts with Gaja being hounded by the rival faction leaders. Finally Gaja wins the battle.

Darshan's efforts are well reflected on the screen and he really looks smashing in his costumes. His changed hairstyle, swashbuckling stunts and the lively comedy will please his fans. But it is Navya Nair who shines in the film with her terrific screen presence and that lively smile. In fact it is Navya's spirited performance and Komal's comedy timing, which prevents Gaja to be bracketed as an out and out Darshan film. Devaraj shines in his role. Master Hirannaiah's brief appearance has its share of lighter moments. Villains Rawat and Subbaraju look menacing.

Totally Gaja is a well-made film and has lot of entertainment value for the mass audience.

Rating: Three stars.