Cycle Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008
Feb 22, 2008 By Thomas T

Director Johny Antony's youthful film Cycle won't disappoint you, though it doesn't offer anything spectacular to call it exceptional. Still Cycle, scripted by James Albert of Classmates' fame, comes as a whiff of fresh air vis-à-vis other recent releases.

Cycle tells the story of Roy and Sanju, who work in different shops in the same shopping mall, the City Centre. Roy works for Kausthubhan Financiers, run by Kausthubhan, who earlier had been a taxi driver in Mumbai. Kausthubhan had actually stolen money from one Mathews, who had taken his taxi and was attacked by some goons, and it is with this money that he started his business, which eventually made him rich. Roy, who is living with his widowed mother and uncle as well as his sister and cousin, always dreams of making it to the Gulf. Sanju is a cricketer who is denied his rightful place in the Ranji team because he has no money and none to recommend him. He too has his share of family worries and responsibilities.

Roy is in love with Annie who works with Marvel Travels, which also operates from the same shopping mall, just opposite to Kausthubhan Financiers. Meenakshi, who is Kausthubhan's daughter, is madly in love with Sanju, but the latter doesn't seem to be interested in reciprocating.

Annie comes to know about Roy's interest in her and starts exploiting this. She has worries of her own, and has got to look after the education of her younger brother Sunny and other family needs. On a New Year's eve Roy and Sanju decide to celebrate. They invite Sunny too to join them. They drink and celebrate, but on their way back Sunny is taken into custody by the Police under the charge of possessing drugs. There was indeed some amount of narcotics in the bike that he was riding, but it belonged to a friend of his who actually owned the bike. The Police officer who took Sunny into custody demands a big sum of money for letting him out, and Roy and Sanju in desperation decide to take a drastic step. What happens as a consequence forms the rest of the plot.

Vineet Sreenivas as Roy is in all respects much like his gifted father, the popular actor Sreenivasan. His dialogue delivery, his gait, his mannerisms, his acting - everything is exactly like Sreenivasan's, and this of course wins him much applause. He has done justice to his role. Vinu Mohan as Sanju too has done a good job. Sandhya of Kathal fame does her role well as Meenakshi. Bhama, who plays the role of Sandhya, has much to improve. Jagathy Sreekumar as Kausthubhan is his very usual self and does full justice to the role. Murali as Mathews is also good. One of course tends to wonder why Salim Kumar has been cast in an insignificant role as Roy's uncle.

The film is colourful and has a merry atmosphere in the first half, while the post-interval section sometimes tires you because there is nothing new. Things move along predictable lines. The scenarist and the director need to be appreciated for giving us a good climax, one with a moral. The technical aspects are all in tune with the theme. The songs are good, but not outstanding. In total Cycle is a film that you'd like to watch along with your family, but of course don't expect anything big out of it.

Thomas T