Cycle Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008
Feb 15, 2008 By Veeyen

Johny Antony's Cycle has on more occasions than one, a flat tyre. And yet, this is one ride that is tremendous fun. Massively powered with real roaring engines, this two-wheeler whizzes ahead faster than a Porsche.

Roy (Vineeth Sreenivasan) and Sanju (Vinu Anand) have to make do with their very modest salaries from their very menial jobs at the City Centre. The best-buddies turn partners-in-crime when a late night New Year bash land them in an awful muddle. A bag full of loot, half a town after them in hot chase, and two pretty lasses Annie (Bhama) and Meenakshi (Sandhya) in love; things couldn't get any better or worse for the boys-next-door.

Cycle has an air of freshness all about it. There is definitely a vibrant feel to the happenings that brings about an irresistible charm to the whole film. James Albert pens a script that's not even a patch on his former work, but still manages to hold it all together, just enough to create yet another hit. The early gags are especially delightful, and the pressure build-up truly electrifying. The Cycle as a metaphor of tranquility and mental bliss works incredibly well, and so does the refrain of the deafening airplanes every now and then, suggestive of constant dread and panic.

Cycle would be tremendously more enjoyable, if you showed that defiant sense of logic tugging at your back, the exit door. Here is a film that makes no pretensions with regard to its sole purpose - that of simple and quite straightforward entertainment. This might be a reason why eyebrows shouldn't be raised, even as a whole lot of ridiculous coincidences make their appearance in the jumble.

Vineeth is a faithful replica of his father; almost every little bit, down to the constantly apprehensive Sreeni grin has been left in tact, and his debut performance is sure to turn quite a few heads. He has an immense comic timing and is equally at ease in the mushy and sentimental scenes. Vinu Mohan confidently underplays his part, which effectively contributes to his assured act. He sheds off that air of innocence and lurks around assertively, while letting Vineeth play to the galleries. The girls are evenly efficient, and yet I would hand it over to Sandhya for the amazing unfussiness in her portrayal, even as Bhama struggles with a faint amateurishness at places.

Shot on exotic locales in Singapore and Bombay, Cycle looks fabulous. Shaji has worked wonders behind the camera, and Bijibal cooks up a gripping background score that's a roller coaster ride on its own. The BGM clearly overrides the film's music by Mejo Joseph though there's an odd tune that does stand out among the three songs.

If you are one of those, who would watch a Harry Potter film, and wonder aloud with a smirk, as to how all the toads turned into tulips, I would advise you to stay home, safe with the cricket. On the other hand, if you could send rationality packing up the hills and throw caution to the winds, all ready to have the time of your life, go and have a joyride on the fun-tabulous Cycle!