Vallamai Thaaraayo Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
The film reminds one of Maniratnam's classic 'Mouna Ragangal', but the story of 'Vallamai Tharayo' lacks depth. Scenes are lifeless and the story narration limps.
Jun 27, 2008 By PVS

The story is about a woman pining for lover while living with her newly married husband. Parthiban and Chaya Singh play a married couple.

The film delves into the situations that arise when there is no real emotional bonding between the couple. It is an attempt at depicting the outlook of modern-day couples on marriages which tend to flounder for the flimsiest reasons.

Debutant director Madhumita, a protégé of Gautham Menon, has written the story and screenplay herself what with her knowledge of western culture which attaches no sanctity to marriage unlike in India.

Nandita (Chaya Singh), born and brought up in a village, loves her aunt's son, Sekhar (Srikanth). She grows up with Sekhar in her heart. As the two families are no longer on good terms, Nandita's father (Anandaraj) marries her off to Anand (Parthiban), who works in Chennai. A reluctant bride, she comes with Anand to Chennai. But she could not forget her lover Sekhar. Not able to reconcile herself to the situation where she and Anand should live as husband and wife, she divorces Anand. However, he remains a loving and caring husband. As the two are at their wits' end Sekhar appears in a TV programme and tells that a girl with whom he had been in love for 15 years, is now the wife of another man and so, he has forgotten her and is going to marry another girl. He reasons that love alone does not make life. Nandita, who watches the programme, is shocked and shattered. Whether she changes her mind and reunites with her husband is the rest of the story.

The film reminds one of Maniratnam's classic "Mouna Ragangal", but the story of "Vallamai Tharayo" lacks depth. Scenes are lifeless and the story narration limps. Characterization suffers for want of imagination. Though Parthiban has tremendous screen presence, he falters in depicting the character of a husband with a broad-mind and understanding, apart from love and compassion _ not possession and emotions. Parthiban could not nuance as the character demands. But he impresses in scenes where he tries to win the affection of the wife by being a good and dutiful husband. His expression of fear and concern for Nadita when he finds her room closed for a long period and his moments of agony in the court room are touching.

Chaya Singh's performance is a shade better than Parthiban. Yet she falls far short of expectations.

Srikanth as Sekhar makes a brief appearance.

Aandaraj as Chaya Singh's father plays a typical villain. Most punch dialogues are delivered by him rather than the hero.

Comedian Karunas, who appears as driving school master, could not bring much laughter. The role of Devipriya as housemaid is downright silly.

Bharadwaj has come out with some melodious numbers.

The film starts with a bang and ends in whimper.