Vallamai Thaaraayo Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2008

Vallamai Thaaraayo is a 2008 Indian movie directed by Madhumita starring Parthiban and Chaya Singh. The feature film is produced by Mrs. Nalini Sundar Raman and the music composed by Bharadwaj.

Release Info:
June 26 2008 (India)   
Language: Tamil
Director: Madhumita

"Vallamai Tharayo" featuring Parthiban and Chaya Singh in the lead, is set for release this month-end. The film is a... Show more

"Vallamai Tharayo" featuring Parthiban and Chaya Singh in the lead, is set for release this month-end.

The film is about marital discords and divorces. A woman seeks divorce soon after her marriage though her husband is a nice guy. Mutual understanding and cordial interpersonal relations between a man and wife is the key to the success of any marriage. With modern-day women being increasingly assertive, conflicts and confrontations between wife and husband have become common. Women are competing with men for equal space in all spheres of activity as also in life. Not all husbands and wives live in perfect harmony. They get into awkward situations which more often than not spell doom. The film is based on such situations.

"Vallamai Tharayo" is Madhumita's debut film. Kollywood's new and young woman director with her roots in America, she has written the story and screenplay herself.

She says she has not made any compromise while making this "emotional entertainer with a strong message". Though she has not lived in India, she is steeped in Indian culture, she asserts. She is confident that the story would find acceptance among the viewers here. She claims that members the Central Board of Film Censors, who saw the film, have commended her for making such a 'good film'.

The film's audio release function was boycotted by Parthiban accusing Madhumita of slighting him. The rift between them seems to have healed. Madhumita in her interactions with mediapersons heaps praise on Parthiban, who, she says, is a fine actor and there were no ego clashes between them during the shooting of the film and he provided very good support to her.

According to Madhumita, even before the release of "Vallamai Tharayo", the Telugu remake rights have been snapped up and she has an offer from a top production house to direct a film. She is happy that she has got opportunities to direct films both in Tamil and Telugu.

Music for "Vallamai Tharayo" has been composed by Vidyasagar.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Chaya Singh

Director: Madhumita
Producer: Mrs. Nalini Sundar Raman
Music Director: Bharadwaj
Cinematographer: Rajarajan.
Screenplay Writer: Madhumita
Original Story Writer: Madhumita

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