Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters Review

Allari Naresh has become synonymous with comedy movies in Telugu. Krishna Bhagvan is known for his trademark comic timing as well as smooth delivery of digs and jibes. They teamed up in the movie "Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters" to give the summer crowd their dose of laughter. The catchy title based on two of the biggest cloth merchants in Andhra attracts a fair share of movie watchers.

BBCS is an innocuous rib tickler. The story is about two Bommana brothers (Naresh and Krishna Bhagvan) belonging to a family of thieves that fall in love with two sisters from the rich and established Chandana family. The two scammers actually love the two sisters at the first sight, but soon get hooked to their riches. They plot and scheme with their parents (Tanikelabharani and Kovai Sarala) to trap the girls in their love. They succeed in wining over the girls with a lot of acting as do-gooders aided by professional junior artists led by Jeeva. Kota Sreenivasa Rao, the father of the girls, breaks off their engagements with the sons of Jayaprakash Reddy and gets his daughters married to Naresh and Krishna Bhagvan. The scammers are now gleefully expecting to enjoy and inherit the vast wealth of their father-in-law. But there is a stumbling block named - Dharma Varapu. Dharma Varapu is an ex-bank manager that is hell bent on exposing these two scammers. Why? The movie holds the answer.

The story line of the movie is convincing. But the comedy lacks punch at times. Krishna Bhagvan is slightly under utilized. Naresh takes the audience to the realm of boredom with an extra song or two. He should put more passion into his acting. Dharmavarapu gets a meatier role and doesn't do full justice to it.

But there are many moments of sheer comic relief. Krishna Bhagvan as a blind man is brilliant. It's his comedy that sustains the movie.

The story line of the movie is convincing. But the comedy lacks punch at times. Rating: 2.5 - Kishore