Emi Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Comedy, Social
Watch EMI only IF you're a diehard Sanjay Dutt fan. Else, just wait for the DVD.
Nov 7, 2008 By Ashok Nayak

EMI directed by Saurabh Kabra starring Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Rampal, Urmila Matondkar, Neha Uberoi, Ashish Chaudhary and Malaika Arora Khan is a situational comedy. Sanjay Dutt does a Bhai role yet again.

Sattar Bhai (Sanjay Dutt) owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency is the savior and the solution for all those ever caught in the debt trap. From bhaigiri to business to politics to social work - that's how Sattar wants to progress in life. He has already graduated from bhaigiri to business and is now eager to hump into politics. Most sought after by banks, telecom companies and various multinationals, today his Good Luck Recovery Agency is Number 1 in India. Sattar follows a simple rule when it comes to his business - Loan liya hai to chukao, shaadi kiya hai to nibhao.

But will Sattar succeed in using this simple principle when dealing with desperate characters and cases like Anil-Shilpa, Chandrakant-Arjun, Ryan and Prerna?

Socially relevant films narrated with a touch of comedy have worked big time at the box-office. The makers have tried to do something similar, hoping probably to emulate the super success of the 2 Munnabhai films. But the end result is a movie that takes in own time in establishing all the characters and stories and finally folding it all in a hurry.

EMI also includes a few unnecessary item numbers, irritating characters (Aashish Chaudhary who hasn't yet gotten over Dhamaal) and a love angle between Sanjay Dutt and Urmila Matondkar that simply adds to the runtime. In fact, the whole Urmila episode is so utterly senseless. It goes like... Urmila's husband, who is insured for 2 crores, commits suicide. In an attempt to claim the insured amount, Urmila lodges a FIR complaint, which is rejected. She then approaches a goon, who promises to prove to the court that her husband was murdered. But then all this comes at a price! The goon demands 10 lakhs as advance and what does she do? Well you guess it right; she takes a personal loan to pay him! Is it really that easy to get loans worth 10 lakhs, without assets or an income proof? Things don't stop there... A year later, the goon passes away and she is now directed to another goon who can help her out! Just when you think, it can't get worse than this. She falls in love with the recovery agent himself!

To the positives, the sole reason to catch EMI at a theatre nearby is Sanjay Dutt. Apart from the brilliant Sanju Baba in his by now trademark Bhai role, the rest disappoint. Arjun Rampal has limited scope to perform. Urmila Matondkar too has almost nothing to do. Malaika Arora oozes sensuality.

To sum up, watch EMI only IF you're a diehard Sanjay Dutt fan. Else, just wait for the DVD.

Ashok Nayak