Accident Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2008

Accident is a 2008 Indian movie directed by Ramesh Aravind starring Ramesh Aravind, Rekha, Mohan and Tilak. The feature film is produced by Ragunath . G and the music composed by Rickey Kej.

Release Info:
April 4 2008 (India)   
Language: Kannada
Director: Ramesh Aravind
Pathy Aiyar

Actor-Director Ramesh Arvind is one of the most talented film personalities in the Kannada film industry. In a career sp... Show more

Actor-Director Ramesh Arvind is one of the most talented film personalities in the Kannada film industry. In a career spanning two decades he has proved his mettle as a brilliant actor in several films like 'Amrutha Varshini', 'Aaptha Mithra', 'America America', 'Bhoomi Thaayi Chochchila Maga' and Nammoora Mandaara Hoove'.

Ramesh has two successful films like 'Rama Shaama Bhaama' and 'Sathyavaan Saavithri' to show case his directorial talents. Now his third directorial venture 'Accident' is ready for release on 4th of April.

Accident is an action thriller unlike Ramesh's two previous films which were comedy focused projects. Ramesh has done extensive research after looking at a news item in a newspaper about the death of a person in an unmanned railway crossing. The title has a special meaning for the Kannada film audience as Late Shankar Nag, the most talented actor and director of the Kannada film industry had also directed a successful and award winning film with the same title many years ago.

"My film is different. I have seen Shankar sir's film which was one classic presentation. The movie is not just about an accident but more about the repercussion and aftermath of a fatal and gruesome incident. And then in the process of investigation there are many twists and turns which make the film an interesting puzzle. I want to keep the audience guessing every minute as to what will happen in the next scene. Frankly I have learnt more directing this film than what I had learnt in my two films. Directing a thriller is a wonderful experience as you have to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats," says Director Ramesh Arvind who is also doing the leading role in the film.

The film is produced by G.Raghunath, the CEO of V Square, a top software firm in Bangalore under the banner of Vishistha Productions. "I, along with my friends have formed this corporate with a view to producing quality films in Kannada language. We were the first to approach a talented person like Ramesh Arvind and request him to make a film for us. Ramesh said that he would be directing a thriller and we were very happy about his decision. The film has a tight screenplay which has been executed sharply by Ramesh. We are all more than satisfied with the way Ramesh has handled this challenging subject," says Raghunath.

Accident has two heroines Rekha and Pooja Gandhi. Rekha feels that Accident will be an enthralling film while Pooja Gandhi says that Ramesh's intelligent and systematic handling will entertain the audience.

Ramesh has introduced eleven new artists in the film who have worked in the Kannada and English theatre groups. Well known film director Dinesh Babu is one of the fresh faces who have been introduced as artists in the film.

The film has an experienced cinemetographer G.S.Bhaskar but a hitherto unknown musical talent Ricky Kej. Ricky Kej had composed many musical jingles for several corporate Ad films earlier. Ramesh spotted him and immediately asked him to do music composition for his film Accident. "The feel of the music and the concept is going to be very exciting in this fast paced thriller," says Ricky Kej.

Accident is a hugely awaited film in the Kannada film industry expected to be one of the best entertainers in the coming Summer Holidays.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Ramesh Aravind
Pathy Aiyar
Dinesh Babu
Rajendra Karanth
London Mahesh
Gym Bhaskar
Pooja Gandhi

Director: Ramesh Aravind
Producer: Ragunath . G
Music Director: Rickey Kej
Cinematographer: G.S.Bhaskar
Editor: P.R.Soundar Raj
Art Designer: Ramesh Desai

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