Karzzzz Hindi Movie

Feature Film | Drama, Romance, Musicals

Karzzzz is a 2008 Hindi movie directed by Satish Kaushik starring Himesh Reshammiya, Danny Denzongpa, Gulshan Grover and Rohini Hattangadi. The movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar and the music composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Feature Film
Release Date: October 17 2008 (India)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Musicals
Language: Hindi
Director: Satish Kaushik
Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Karzzzz is a film that explores the psychological traits every individual possesses. Some so powerful, they lead us to vices like greed, obsession, hatred, deceit, betrayal and even Murder. Set amidst the majestic and breathtaking locales of South Africa, Karzzzz is a remake of the 1980 Subhash G...More

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Critic Rating:
Rating: 3.5 / 10
User Rating:
Rating: 1 / 10

The movie is not boring, and even though one knows the story and the end is somewhat predictable, there is an element of suspense. Himesh is quite alright in the film although if you don't like him it's best to stay away.
Rating: 5 / 10
- Nita Jatar Kulkarni
There is nothing that stands out in Himesh's second outing except for the Ek Haseena Thi track. Watch it if you have absolutely nothing better to do or if you're a Himesh Reshammiya fan.
Rating: 2.2 / 10
- Ashok Nayak
If you treat 'Karzzz' as an ongoing 'Chitrahaar' of Himesh's songs strung together by a bristling bead of sweaty players you just might end up enjoying this kitschy homage to a potboiler that boasted of great songs and a wonderful central performance.
Rating: 3.3 / 10
- Subhash K Jha

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Cast Overview:
Himesh Reshammiya
Danny Denzongpa
Gulshan Grover
Rohini Hattangadi
Shweta Kumar
Urmila Matondkar


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