Ek Hasina Thi Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Thriller
Jan 18, 2004 By Goher Iqbal Punn

"Ek Haseena Thi" vows to soar sky high with its unique subject and the presence of sexy lass of Bollywood in the cast, Urmila Mantondkar who is always the center of attraction of Ram Gopal Varma and is the highlight of the movie as well. Rumors around that the flick is a rehash of popular Hollywood movie "Double Jeopardy" but in actual it's not. While watching it, the film appeals most due to its spellbinding and awesome direction, impressive starcast and healthy script.

Varma Corporation Ltd and K Sera Sera join hands together to produce this thriller whilst Sriram Raghvan makes his directorial debut with this film. The lead players Urmila Mantondkar and Saif Ali Khan make the cast attractive with their appearance in the list.

"Ek Haseena Thi" opens with Sarika (Urmila Mantondkar), a working girl, who works in a travel agency in Mumbai. A globetrotting charming young guy, Karan (Saif Ali Khan) serenades her beauty. She is reluctant initially but one incident helps Sarika fall in love with him when one day he saves her from a bunch of goons. The two decide to get married. Here comes a twist in the tale. Sarika is arrested and sent to jail on charge of a murder.

In prison, she comes across a bunch of hardened criminal women and finds a mobster (Pritama Kazmi) amongst them who helps her break the jail so that she can hunt the conman who actually got her caught in this case of murder. The interval point when Karan stands exposed raises the curiosity level of the audience by making them sit on the edge of a puzzle that what will happen next? The first half of the movie focuses more on Sarika such as her love life, her arrest, sequences in prison and her transformation from a simple girl to a hardened one. Whereas the second half enters into the picture throwing light on the events in Karan's life and further elaborating his role more deeply.

The story becomes much interesting and sends a chill down the spine when Sarika does not want to eliminate the culprit easily and designs a mysterious plan to settle with him instead. Throughout the film, as the reels unfold, the curiosity and the interest levels take the viewer to the all time high state of mind.

The expertise and the brilliance of handling tense-filled moments flawlessly depict the creative genius of the debutante director. Sriram Raghavan captured this songless thriller (though there is one song "Ek Haseena Thi" in the film, which runs in the background when Urmila chases Saif) magnificently and deserves huge applauds for the creative work.

How beautifully Amar Mohile created the sound effects showcases his unblemished efforts. His background score is superb and the cinematography by C.K. Murlidharan is extraordinary. Brilliant screenplay happens to be a precious asset of the film.

The narrative is tautly tiled and beautifully built with the two lead players Saif and Urmila who are excellent in their performances. The dapperly dressed Urmila catches the viewers' breath with her yet another author backed role whilst Saif Ali Khan wins a place amongst the finest actors in industry. Seema Biswas as a cop impresses and Pratima Kazmi with the role of a gangster is effective. The rest of the cast fills the bill.

With a unique theme altogether, 'Ek Haseena Thi" received a handsome opening in theaters and is sure to multiply the viewers day by day.

Goher Iqbal Punn