Akku Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2008 | Action, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery
Mar 3, 2008 By PVS

The title 'Akku' may sound strange or even odd. But, for the audience the film is very special. It has no songs, stunts and comedy which are the common features of films of all genres.

Using a set of newcomers, debutant director Maamani has made a crime thriller which is very different. He is daring enough not to care a damn for the set formula. A former associate of maverick Parthiben and famed Jananathan, Maamani proves he is a cut above those who usually churn out formula movies.

The duration of "Akku" is just 90 minutes and its impact is tremendous. English movie buffs may say Maamani has drawn liberally on the Hollywood flicks, 'Speed' and 'Telephone Booth'. It may be true but what is laudable about 'Akku' is the new director's treatment which gives it a delectable Tamil flavour!

Siva (Ajay), a software professional grown up in an orphanage falls in love with Bhanu (Sriji). She is is the sister of a dreaded terrorist leader (Rakshai). He is an expert in bomb making and his target is Chennai which he wants to be destroyed.

Bhanu elopes with Siva as she is afraid that her brother would not permit their marriage. Her brother works out a plan to liquidate Siva as also Chennai at one go. A bomb is planted Siva's shoes and he is left on the main road. He has to keep running all the time. If he stops running or slows down the bomb in his shoe would explode killing him and also triggering a chain of explosions.

A police contingent is pressed into service to defuse the bomb and save Siva and the city. Assistant police commissioner Aadhi (Riaz Khan), bomb squad officer Anu (Anu Haasan) and a doctor (Jayasri) follow Siva and ensure that he does not collapse from exhaustion. They provide him with energy tablets and oxygen supply. They even scan his shoes for the bomb. All this they do even while Siva is running non-stop.

The pace quickens the moment Siva is set running on the road. Along side the bustling police activity, TV channels join in with live telecast. Police are at their wit's end even after 24 hours. The terrorist gang is also out to get at Siva. It is high-voltage drama till the end.

Ajay is eminently suited for the role, what with his looks and physique. Though he is new to acting, he does the role with competence.

Sriji, who is also a new face, is bubbly and full of energy.

Rakshai is perfect as the terrorist leader.

Anu Haasan, who plays the bomb squad officer, is given ample scope to display her acting skill.

Sri Ram's background score is apt for a thriller.

Chittibabu's camera work and Venkatesh's crisp editing enhance quality.

Slick and action-packed, "Akku" is a new experience in Tamil cinema.