Silanthi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2008
'Silandhi' is an experiment in new cinema reflecting the changing mores. It is a provocative suspense thriller with interesting twists and turns.
May 11, 2008 By PVS

"Silanthi" is a provocative suspense thriller with interesting twists and turns. Journalist-turned-film-maker Adhiraj has adopted a new approach in keeping with the changing times when conservatism is giving way for a free society where the so-called IT culture is striking deep roots upsetting the age-old customs and traditions.

It is a small budget 101-minute film shot in just 25 days. With this film Monica, (who played conservative roles in "Azhagi" as Nandita Das, "Sandakozhi" and "Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi"), gets her big break and plays a glamorous role without inhibitions. Playing the protagonist is the debutant Munna, who is the nephew of Malayalam actress Jayabharathi. The film was shot in the picturesque locations of Puducherry. It got an "A" certificate from the Censors for the theme is bold and daring.

As the title of the film denotes, the film tells the story of a married couple on honeymoon, caught in a dangerous web. It is about what happens to them in 48 hours. According to the director, it is based on a real-life incident that took place in Bangalore a few months ago. Monica plays a newly married woman who unwittingly gets into trouble and her man, Munna, helps her out.

Munna and Monica visit a resort soon after their marriage. She is haunted by a bizarre incident that took place in the past. A mystery man is on her trail. A flashback shows three of Monica's friends as IT professionals earning fabulous salaries. They enjoy life to the hilt with booze, datings and what not. Their pranks on an LIC agent prove disastrous. The man sustains head injuries in the binge and dies. Though she is in the clear, Monica commits a faux pas. She helps her friends in disposing of the body. The three girls get killed one after another. Even while Monica is on her honeymoon, she is not able to shrug off her guilt and tells her loving husband, Munna, about the incident to which she was a mute witness. The two press the panic button leading to a pulsating climax.

Monica is the pivot around which the film revolves, and she has come out with a stunning performance. She is bold and beautiful. There is a kissing scene which is justified by the script. Monica also does a "dare-bare' act. The honeymoon scenes were shot in a scenic beach island 20 km off Puducherry. Adding to the glamour are two romantic numbers featuring the lead pair.

The first half of the film revolves around Munna and Monica. The second half is action-packed and racy.

Debutant Munna shows promise. He is able to bring out all the nuances the role demands. He makes it all look simple.

The narration, dialogues, the music and the background score are laudable.

With critically acclaimed cinematographer Fouzia Fathima behind the camera and fast-cut editing by Satish Kurusova, the aesthetic value of the film is enhanced.

What is notable is creating an erotic mood without any vulgarity. And, it is a brave attempt by the director to break away from the conventional formula.

"Silandhi" is an experiment in new cinema reflecting the changing mores.