Acid Factory Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2009 | Action, Drama
Overall, Acid Factory is strictly for hardcore action lovers.
Oct 9, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

Acid Factory directed by Suparn Verma is about a bunch of guys waking up trapped inside an Acid Factory only to realize that they have momentarily lost their memory due to a gas leak. The gang lead who set them up in one such agony, calls up to inform that four among them are kidnappers and one is the hostage. This call sets the alarm in their minds and unable to relate to each other, the men desperately try to regain their memory and find their personal identities.

Acid Factory is high on action but the overall execution fails to live up to expectations. The narrative has nothing new or exciting to offer and when it comes to the treatment of the film - it's the usual sepia tone and slow motion sequences with bombs blasting here and there for no apparent reason. It keeps jumping between the present and the past with each character having a dark flashback to unveil. Although this initially seems exciting, mid-way through the film the mystery tends to get obvious and ends up giving away the suspense, killing the fun and thrill behind the film. Packed with few high-adrenalin action sequences that take you by surprise, Acid Factory, has its moments in the first half and in the second half, the argument between Irrfan and Manoj is something to watch out for. The climax though is a major let-down.

Acid Factory has the sleekness; style is high on action, something we have come to expect from Sanjay Gupta films. But as the reels unfold, it fails to build and hold on to the mystery, as it succumbs in giving away the suspense of the plot halfway through the movie. The night club dance sequence by Manasi Scott and Vida Samadzai is totally out of focus and was unnecessary. The film would have worked with a little twist here and there, a better narrative, tighter editing and a breath-taking climax. Dialogues are lame and inane. Cinematography is good and the locales of Cape Town are captured well. Tinu Verma's action choreography wins all the accolades for making the stars perform some breathtaking stunts.

Manoj Bajpai and Irrfan Khan are at their natural best and are outstanding in their roles. And yeah, Irrfan manages to kiss a couple of babes too. Fardeen Khan is a revelation. Aftab Shivdasani is good and acts ably. Dino Morea, as a Johny Depp look-alike, looks amazing but his performance isn't up to the mark. Danny is fantastic. Dia Mirza's hyped role is a big disappointment. However, she manages to look stunning in her new avatar.

Overall, Acid Factory is strictly for hardcore action lovers.

Ashok Nayak