Gulmohar Synopsis

'Gulmohar', which is director Jayaraj's latest offering, purports to be a very different kind of movie. Produced under the banner of Orient Films, the film takes us to the 1970's and is set against the socio-political and cultural atmosphere of that period. It attempts to portray the political turbulence of that era as well as the revolutionary zeal among the youth of those days.

Induchoodan, the protagonist of 'Gulmohar' is a youthful college lecturer and a revolutionary at heart. He and his peers, who dream of equality and justice, are always ready to take up arms against injustice and inequality. It is thus that Induchoodan and his group of six start an operation named 'Operation April', aimed at eliminating those who exploit the tribal people and rape tribal women.

At a stage they happen to kill an innocent man. Induchoodan gets caught and is sentenced to imprisonment. A man of principles that he is, Induchoodan never reveals the names of his accomplices and serves his sentence. After six years he comes out of jail. The story takes off from there.

Scenarist-turned-director Ranjith does the lead role of Induchoodan. Another highlight of the film is that Didi Damodaran, the daughter of T. Damodaran (who has scripted many successful movies), pens the story as well as screenplay and dialogues. Music director Johnson, who has given us many lilting melodies, makes a comeback, setting to tune songs penned by ONV Kurup. The film is to be released soon.