Jayaraj has no time to rest!

Oct 10, 2008 NR

It seems Jayaraj has no time to rest or stop and take stock of films that he has canned and released. Making his presence felt in mainstream Malayalam Cinema as well as in art-house Cinema, this untiring filmmaker keeps going on and on, churning out films one after the other. Jayaraj's Gulmohar, released a few days back, is eliciting good opinions and rave reviews, though it hasn't made any impact at the box office.

And now, the latest buzz on Jayaraj is that he is all set to go on with his new projects, one with Prithviraj and the other with Mohanlal.

While the Prithviraj-starrer, titled Sauparnika, will be based on a drama written by the late actor-dramatist Narendra Prasad, the Mohanlal-starrer will be based on the life of Kunhaali Marikkaar, who waged a relentless war against the British.

It will be Sauparnika that will happen first, to be followed by the Mohanlal film. And if reports are to be believed, there are many more films that Jayaraj has in mind, which will all follow one after the other.

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