Meravanige Kannada Movie Review

Jun 29, 2008 By RGV

What do you expect in a film featuring two young stars who look naughty and bubbly on the screen. A youthful romantic film, a family drama or a gangster film. This has been a trend so far, but director Mahesh Babu has decided to move from this stereotype and make a film like Meravanige that combines romance, thrills,and even a bit of suspense. And when such a film is shot in different locations and backgrounds, the film certainly would acquire a different look.

Meravanige directed by Mahesh Babu also proves that the director who has so far directed two youthful love oriented films like Akash and Arrasu with Puneet Rajkumar can prove his mettle in different type of films like Meravanige. Mahesh Babu shows lot of promise in this film, while the film's hero Prajwal shows that he has been improving with every film. And the fresh face in the film is the bubbly heroine Andrita Ray hose performance disproves the theory that models cannot act.

Meravanige is a film which has some fresh elements. The film starts off as a college campus story but moves into forests in the second half. You have two youngsters always fighting with each other, but their parents are closer. And the two youngsters who hate each other in the beginning slowly realize that they are actually in love with each other.

And from the college campus the film takes a turn towards the family drama and then ends up as a thriller forest. Mahesh Babu includes many twists and turns in the film and makes it interesting by his distinct narration style. But still the film has some negative factors which could have been well avoided by Mahesh Babu. Despite many failings, Meravanige is an engaging film with good mixture of commercial ingredients.

Meravanige stands out for its strong technical content in the form of Mahesh Talkaad's camera work and some good song compositions of Music director Manohar. Talkad has proved his mettle by his photography in the B.R.Hills forest area where he has been effective in even capturing the right mood for the film's proceedings. However Mahesh has failed to maintain the same tempo throughout the film. While the first half moves faster, there is a slackening of pace in the second half.

Despite being the son of a dedicated Police officer, young Vijay (Prajwal) indulges in naughty activities. He is prepared to kidnap the young son of the college lecturer to secure the question paper. Nandini, daughter of another police officer is studying in the same college as Vijay. But both Vijay and Nandini are at loggerheads and are always quarreling. Both of them are kidnapped by Terrorist Basheer who has scores to settle with the Vijay's father who has captured one of his group members. Basheer keeps the lovers as hostages and sets terms for the release of his accomplice.

But the lovers escape from captivity and move out to forests. They encounter many thrilling situations which bring them closer. And these two youngsters are also being chased by terrorists, police and even cruel animals. Finally good triumphs over evil and the lovers are united.

Prajwal shows lot of promise in the film and there is a marked improvement in his dialogue delivery and performance. But it is new comer and pretty Andrita Ray who shines best in the role of the bubbly girl. Bollywood actor Ravikale shines in the role of a terrorist. Telugu actor Bhanuchandar and Avinash are just okay. Sadhu Kokila and Komal are sure to raise a few laughs. Ramya makes a brief appearance in the film in a guest role.

V.Manohar has done well to compose three good songs and deliver perfect background music for the film. Nannolave song is sure to top the charts. Patangavaagi song tunes are lifted from the Dilwaale Dunhaniya song.

Meravanige is an engaging romantic thriller.

Mahesh Babu has decided to move from this stereotype and make a film like Meravanige that combines romance, thrills,and even a bit of suspense. Meravanige is an engaging romantic thriller.
Rating: 6 / 10