Parunthu Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2008

Parunthu is a 2008 Indian movie directed by M. Padmakumar starring Mammootty, Raai Laxmi, Roma Asrani and Sreelatha. The feature film is produced by Howly Pottur and the music composed by Alex Paul.

Produced under the banner of Dream Team Productions, Parunthu, directed by M. Padmakumar (who had earlier directed Ammak... Show more

Produced under the banner of Dream Team Productions, Parunthu, directed by M. Padmakumar (who had earlier directed Ammakkilikoodu, Vargam and Vasthavam) has Mammootty playing the role of Purushottaman, called by everyone as 'Blade' Purushottaman or even 'Parunthu' (Eagle). Purushottaman is a financier who lends money on interest. But he is a heartless kind of financier who is bothered only about his interest and business and never cares for relationships, humanity or other things sublime. His ways are almost like that of an eagle, thus earning him the nickname 'Parunthu'.

The only people close to Purushottaman are Mahendran and Kunjachchan. Mahendran, who had worked with financiers of all kinds, had finally lands up with Purushottaman and is now his right-hand man. But his problem is that he is always after money and whenever there is the prospect of getting some profit, he does a bit of financing himself. Kunjachchan, who earlier worked for Purushottaman's rivals, is now his most trusted associate.

Purushottaman has a rival in Azeez, with whom he is always in competition. It's rather ironical that Purushottaman and Azeez were close friends in their childhood. But now they are bitter rivals ready to tear each other apart. Purushottaman doesn't believe in emotions like love and compassion, and holds on to the doctrine that no one is to be trusted in this world. (Of course Purushottaman hadn't always wanted to be like this, but society never gave him a chance to reform himself). Anyway Purushottaman, at a stage in life, comes face-to-face with something tragic that changes the course of his life as a whole.

It's after a long time that Mammootty plays a character with some negative traits, and scenarist T.A. Razack, who had mostly penned Mammootty's do-gooder kind of roles, is pinning much hope on Parunthu. Suraaj Venjaramoodu is Mahendran while Cochin Haneefa becomes Kunjachchan. Jayan, who is a popular television actress and who has of course acted in some movies too, does the role of Azeez. Lakshana, Kalyani and Lakshmi Rai are the leading ladies in this film, which is getting ready for release, and will be brought to the theatres by Dream Team Release.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Raai Laxmi
Roma Asrani
Jagathy Sreekumar
Suraj Venjaramoodu
Saju Kodiyan
Cochin Haneefa

Director: M. Padmakumar
Producer: Howly Pottur
Music Director: Alex Paul
Cinematographer: Sajeev Sankar

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