Endhiran - The Robot Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2010 | Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Endhiran is a path-breaking Tamil movie with its innovative sci-fi script and extensive use of world class special effects.
Oct 1, 2010 By Aarthi Ashokkumar

A star-studded music release, a pompous trailer release, innumerable TV ads; after such excessive promotions for the movie, the expectations had been set sky high for Enthiran. This movie, a first ever sci-fi movie of the Tamil Movie industry manages to hit right on spot. Rajnikanth, Shankar, A. R. Rahman; the dream trio can never go wrong, and this has been proved once again with Enthiran.

The movie, without wasting any time, straight away jumps into the robotics lab of the scientist, Vasigaran (Rajnikanth), fondly called as Vasi, who has successfully created Chitti, the humanoid robot, his ten year hard-work. His lifetime dream is to enroll his robot for the service of the Indian army. Chitti is introduced to Sana (Aishwarya Rai), Vasi's girlfriend, and to Vasi's family and stays with them to learn the human activities and behavior. After facing some hurdles in achieving the perfect robot prototype, Dr. Vasi, then introduces human emotions to Chitti to improve his learning capabilities of the human race. Chitti transforms. He starts feeling and the first emotion he feels is love. He falls in love with Sana. This proves to be a turning point in Chitti's life and Vasi's as well. Will this love come in the way of Dr. Vasi's purpose of creating Chitti? Will Dr. Vasi's own creation destroy him? What follows next, is a series of events, filled with explosive series of stunts and innovative use of latest technology.

Director Shankar's masterpiece Enthiran keeps the interest of the average Rajnikanth fan, as well as meets the expectations of the more sophisticated moviegoer. A R Rahman's music is awesome. Songs locations are exotic and certainly a visual treat. Whether it's the breezy Kadhal Anukkal, or the exotic Kilimajaro or even the final Arima Arima, the picturization is marvelous. Aishwarya looks glamorous and enchanting. Audience will enjoy watching her as much as Rajnikanth, if not more.

To say that the movie belongs to only the dream trio would be huge injustice to the technicians, and the animators who worked on the movie. The special effects team is world class and the stunt scenes are executed flawlessly. The last half an hour is absolutely spectacular with the hundreds of 'clone' Robots in certain awesome defensive formations. The movie's success rides on the special effects team.

This movie is path breaking in its sci-fi script and use of world-class special effects technology. Hope it inspires other producers and directors to break from the vicious circle of run-of-the-mill scripts.

We have enjoyed a human Rajnikanth performing some super human stunts in most of his movies, but in this movie, you'll absolutely relish a humanoid Rajnikanth doing some super duper robot stunts.

Aarthi Ashokkumar