Kajraare Hindi Movie

Feature Film

Kajraare is an Indian movie directed by Pooja Bhatt starring Himesh Reshammiya, Mona Laizza, Amrita Singh and Natasha Sinha. The feature film is produced by Krishan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar and the music composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Release Info:
2010 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Director: Pooja Bhatt
Mona Laizza
Natasha Sinha
Gaurav Chanana
Javed Sheikh

It was a moment which the heavens had pre-ordained. When Rajiv Behl, a well-to-do drifter with no particular destinatio... Show more

It was a moment which the heavens had pre-ordained. When Rajiv Behl, a well-to-do drifter with no particular destination, first laid his eyes on the beautiful but melancholic face of Nargis in the hush of the pre-dawn light, on the deserted streets of Jordan, he knew that she was the one that the Gods had created just for him.

But strange are the ways of the world. As Rajiv pursues Nargis he soon finds out to his utter shock that she comes from a lineage of tawaaifs from Pakistan's Heera Mandi and she is about to be sold to the highest bidder. His quest for love hurls him into the famous Red Light district of Shahi Mohalla in Lahore, a region where supposedly 'fallen' women and the men who benefit financially from them, rub shoulders with ordinary folk. Here, he has to lock horns with the woman who controls the Red Light district, the foul mouthed Zohra Bai, who believes that the only creed of a tawaaif is to be a pleasure peddler. To leave Shahi Mohalla in order to lead a normal life is forbidden.

In his attempt to save his love from her terrible fate, Rajiv embarks on a journey to outbid those who want to buy her, and in the process, is compelled to re-connect with his true identity. This opens a Pandora's box, which not only shocks his beloved Nargis but makes him a moving target all over again.

For Rajiv is actually Rocky, a pop star of Indian origin from UK, who has incurred the wrath of Baabar, the dreaded international terrorist. Rocky has not only subverted one of his major terrorist plans two years ago, he has also testified against him in a court of law. Rocky is therefore under a witness protection programme and his life is now in serious danger.

When Avtar Singh, the head of the Counter-Terrorist Unit in the UK reprimands Rocky for being reckless, and tells him that the only way he can protect his loved one is to stay away from her, Rocky decides to stop being the hunted... and turns into the hunter. He vows to find Baabar and kill him.

Is the union of Rocky and Nargis really pre-ordained by the Gods or is it merely the desire of a young man? Does the rockstar overcome the treachery of a Trans-national terrorist and if yes, how? Does Rocky succeed in finding emancipation for Nargis? Come and find out in this musical tale of love and passion... KAJRAARE


Cast & Crew Details:
Himesh Reshammiya
Mona Laizza
Amrita Singh
Natasha Sinha
Gaurav Chanana
Javed Sheikh (Pakistan)
Gulshan Grover
Adnan Shah

Director: Pooja Bhatt
Producers: Krishan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar
Production Company: Super Cassettes Industries Ltd T-Series
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Song Lyrics Writer: Sameer
Cinematographer: Anshuman Mahaley
Editor: Devendra Murdeshwar
Art Designers: Pooja Bhatt, Tarun Ahuja
Original Story Writers: Mahesh Bhatt, Shagufta Rafique
Action Choregrapher: Abbas Ali Moghul

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