Shoot on Sight English Movie

Feature Film

Shoot on Sight is a 2008 English movie directed by Jagmohan Mundhra starring Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover and Laila Rouass. The feature film is produced by Aron Govil and the music composed by John Altman.

Release: October 17 2008 (India)
Language: English
Director: Jagmohan Mundhra
Gulshan Grover
Laila Rouass
Arrun Harker
Greta Scacchi


Shoot On Sight is a fictional story based on London Police order to shoot suspected terrorists after the July 7th 2005 London bombings, that resulted in racial profiling. The Film is a thrilling & riveting drama that unfolds the turmoil in the life of Tariq Ali, a Muslim police officer at Scotland Y...More

Cast & Crew Details:
Naseeruddin Shah
Om Puri
Gulshan Grover
Laila Rouass
Arrun Harker
Greta Scacchi
Brian Cox
Clemency Burton-Hill
Tolga Safer
Ralph Ineson
Stephen Greif
India Wadsworth
John Warman
Jamie Doyle
Jayson Whiteley
Clifford Samuel
Mikaal Zulfikar
Sadie Frost
Cloudia Swann
Chris Wilson
Avtar Kaul
Alex McSweeney
Taru Devani

Director: Jagmohan Mundhra
Producer: Aron Govil
Music Director: John Altman
Cinematographer: Madhu Ambat
Editors: Sanjeev Mirajkar, Jagmohan Mundhra
Screenplay Writer: Carl Austin
Original Story Writer: Carl Austin