Psycho Review

Psycho had created huge expectations from the day of its launch an year ago. The decision of the producer and director not to reveal the star cast had ignited some curiosity about the film. And true to their words, the producer has so far not released a still or video clip of the film so far in the media. The audio album of the film for which talented music director had composed music for the first time had rocked in the market creating further curiosity about the film. And it was the debut film album of Raghu Dixit. Later the promos of the film which was telecasted in the channels further fuelled up some expectations about the film.

In these days when many hugely expected films are biting dust,Psycho comes as a big relief for the Kannada film fans. The film not only stands up to expectations but can be bracketed as one of the best films made in the suspense genre. The film rocks in the full length of two hours making the audience to sit on the edge of the seat on many occassions.

Now coming to the real heroes of the film, it has to be said that the film's director Devadatta, Music director Raghu Dixit, cinematographer Saba Kumar, Editor Kemparaj and art director Ismali take the top spots. More than the artists of the film, it is this talented group of technicians who have created a film which is quite absorbing and engaging.

Devadatta has used his technical team to the best advantage. And he has chipped in with some crisp dialogues and perfect script to narrate a suspense thriller.

Raghu Dixit has composed some unbelievable tunes in the film. Nanna Poojege Bande Maadeshwara is the top song of the album, but equally other songs of the film also rock. Beladingalaagi, Ee Thanuvu are also best of the lot. Raghu has really brought out some freshness through his fusion music.

And then coming to the cinematography, Sabha Kumar appeals with his best shot compositions to convey the mood of the particular sequences. The visuals in the back ground and even the care taken for small details makes the film a perfect viewing. The editing and art department work is also perfect.

Psycho engages you full length, but there are some mistakes which could have been avoided. Some of the details could have been further worked out.

The story revolves around a psychopathic personality (the director has not referred his name in the film) who stalks the heroine and even speaks to her from his mobile phone which gets number change very often. Pavana is working as a television anchor and mysteriously gets help from some unknown person whom she can not identify. With many incidents like this, Pavana feels that the person who is speaking with her is actually in love with him. She also decides to meet him and reveal her intentions of marrying him. And then the unexpected twist occurs.

New comers Dhanush and Anita have done well in their debut film. Definitely these two artists have exhibited their talents which can be tapped well in the future. All the veteran artists have chipped in well with perfect performances.

Psycho is a must see film for Kannada film fans who look for variety and freshness.

Psycho is a must see film for Kannada film fans who look for variety and freshness. Rating: 3 - RGV