Luck By Chance Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama
Zoya Akthar manages to portray the grey aspects of both - the film industry and its members without exaggerating the outcome with a taut and brilliant screenplay.
Jan 30, 2009 By Ashok Nayak

Quite a few reality movies of Bollywood in the past have had the backdrop of the industry itself. Joining this league is Zoya Akhtar's directorial debut Luck By Chance. Luck By Chance gives you a taste of many quirks of the Hindi film industry and shows what it takes to survive in this industry.

With two struggling actors - Vikram (Farhan Akhtar) and Sona (Konkona Sen Sharma) as her base, Zoya deftly highlights the working of the industry with an insider's perspective. From assistance striving hard for a break, newcomers awaiting their success, instant stardom to newcomers causing insecurity among established stars, rumors and news from insiders floating to gossip journalists, Zoya focuses on almost everything that goes into the functioning of the industry. By drawing the career graph of Vikram and Sona, Zoya slowly progresses from struggle-fame-corruption and culminates with remorse whilst opting for an unusual climax - the rejection of the repentance. She reveals to us the 'real' industry with all its glamour, stardom, manipulations, double-standards, superstitions, struggle, clichés and priorities taking a shift without giving too much emphasis on any.

Without being hard-hitting serious, Luck By Chance is a satirical spoof of the Hindi film industry with definitive moments that does all the talking. The movie also tells us about what it takes to be in this industry, the importance of networking and bagging whatever opportunities that come your way by being dependent and yet independent in making the right choices for giving life to your dreams. Weaving together a lot of moments that the glamour and the stardom usually overshadows, the movie clearly portrays the complexity and contradictions of the industry. To add to the essence of the film, the special appearances in the movie are not just for star value but they rather sync with the script carrying a strong message.

Over all, Zoya manages to portray the grey aspects of both - the industry and its members without exaggerating the outcome with a taut and brilliant screenplay. Although the slow pace of the movie is a drawback. Javed Akhtar's sharp and witty dialogues are brilliant to the feel of the movie. Music by Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy is pleasing to the ears. While a song or two seem unnecessary, 'Sapno Se Bhare Naina' stands out and Baawre stands out for Hrithik Roshan's performance and its colorful setting.

Performance-wise, the entire cast has given their best shot. Farhan Akhtar delivers a very believable performance. After Rock On, Farhan is yet again natural, restrained. Yet powerful. Look-wise the actor reminded me of Rajeev Khandelwal. The talented Konkona Sen Sharma is no exception. Isha Sharwani does well. Rishi Kapoor as the Punjabi producer was fantastic. Dimple Kapadia is good and Hrithik Roshan handles his short yet sweet role exceptionally well.

To sum up, Luck By Chance is a good spoof on the industry. Those unaware of how the industry functions might fail to connect with the film. The pace too could prove to be a major setback. Business should be best at multiplexes.

Ashok Nayak