Jothegara Review

Sep 11, 2010 By V.S. Rajapur

"Jothegaara" starts off well with an interesting narration, but as the film proceeds it ends up just like any other commercial potboiler without any freshness in its content.

The director has tried to change the image of Prem, who has so far specialised in romantic roles. But he fails in his endeavour as the story doesn't have the necessary ingredients to make an impact. The director has added too many elements and twists in the story, leaving the audience confused.

One thing that goes in favour of "Jothegaara" is that both Prem and Ramya have good on-screen chemistry and look extremely convincing in their respective roles. Sujith Shetty's music is another highlight with many soothing songs.

But unfortunately, the negative points overrun the positive elements of the film.

The narration, barring the first 10-15 minutes, is painfully slow. Though the second half has some twists, it fails to grab your attention.

The film moves in different directions in the first and second half. The editing is also not perfect.

The director goes haywire by including many flashback sequences, which are very confusing. The second half really tests your patience and the so-called comedy scenes by Sadhu Kokila and Doddanna can get a little irritating.

In the story, Vishwas and Priya start off quarrelling with each other but they become close and decide to get married. One hitch is that Priya's father, a police officer, has to give the nod to this alliance. Priya's father is a terror to many gangs operating in the city and many of the underworld dons are baying for his blood.

Priya's father tries to dissuade her from meeting Vishwas, but the daughter is defiant. The police officer tries to convince Vishwas, but the latter insults him.

Later it is revealed that Priya's father had promised that his daughter would marry his sister's son.

Vishwas is then taken to the sister's house and he wins over all the members in the family. Finally Vishwas marries Priya with the acceptance of elders.

Prem looks convincing in his role. Ramya looks glamorous in the song sequences but there is little scope for her to showcase her acting skills.

Veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi comes out with a good performance as a police officer. Lakshmi impresses in her brief role. Rajendra Karanth and Petrol Prasanna look menacing in their negative roles.

Sujith Shetty comes out with some good tunes in the film. The title track and "Reshime Seere" have been well choreographed too.

"Jothegaara" is worth just a one-time watch.

'Jothegaara' just another average potboiler
Rating: 5 / 10
V.S. Rajapur