Outsourced English Movie

Feature Film | 2009

Outsourced is a 2009 English movie directed by John Jeffcoat starring Josh Hamilton and Ayesha Dharker. The feature film is produced by Tom Gorai and the music composed by BC Smith.

Release Info:
January 2 2009 (India)   
Language: English
Director: John Jeffcoat

Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) spends his days managing a customer call center for Western Novelty, an American novelty p... Show more

Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) spends his days managing a customer call center for Western Novelty, an American novelty product company, in Seattle, until he and his entire department are outsourced to India. Adding insult to injury, Todd is sent to India to train his replacement.

In India, Todd is assaulted by the sights and sounds of a completely different culture. Navigating through the chaos of Mumbai and an office paralyzed by constant cultural misunderstandings, Todd yearns to return to the comforts of home - but he can't until he trains the new call center workers in the ways of America and Western Novelty to the satisfaction of his soulless corporate boss, Dave. Between the accent and culture training and Todd's explanation of Western Novelty items like a cheesehead hat and a hot dog toaster, Todd frantically tries to increase the effectiveness of the Indian office.

However, through his team of quirky yet likable Indian call center workers, including his friendly and motivated replacement, Puro (Asif Basra), and the charming, opinionated Asha (Ayesha Dharker), Todd soon realizes that he too has a lot to learn - not only about India and America, but about himself. Before long, Todd discovers that being outsourced may be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Todd's objective is to get the time it takes to solve problems down from twelve minutes to six. If he doesn't achieve this, his boss won't let him go home. Another call center worker like him tells him its hopeless, while eating at MacDonells. One night, Todd congratulates his call center. Then he asks what they would like to make working at the call center a more positive experience. Workers ask to bring pictures and figurines from home. Workers also ask to get the "tacky" products they're selling. Todd makes a deal that the worker with the greatest MPI will get to pick the product of his choosing from the treasure box. He has the manufacturer send a hundred products, much to the boss's disliking. When the boss calls to complain, Todd explains that there are a billion potential buyers in India who would love to buy the products. The boss responds by "over-nighting" the products.

The products are sent to the wrong location. It's another town and street with the same name. Todd and Asha go to retrieve the packages, via car and ferry. Todd asks a goddess of destruction to destroy something in the taxi, while they wait. The ferry coincidentally burns up. Todd and Asha are forced to buy a hotel suite called the Karma Sutra Suite. They are uncomfortable at first, but ironically end up making love.

When they return to work, Asha explains that she has been engaged since four. After this, Todd's boss, David, finally arrives. When he comes to check on the progess, which was previously over five minutes, they find the call center flooded. Todd has the entire staff move to the roof. They succeed in getting good numbers. Before Todd goes off to celebrate at "The Lotus" bar, he is told by David that the company will be outsourcing to China for a much cheaper price. That means all of the employees have lost their jobs.

But the employees don't complain, because with severence pay, they are planning on receiving jobs. However, Puro is disappointed because he won't get enough money to marry the woman of his dreams. David offers Todd a lucrative job offer, regarding the new China call center. Todd gives this job to Puro, who happily marries with enough money and a great future. Todd returns to Seattle, where he starts picking up on the Indian traditions. Todd's phone rings with a special ringtone that means it's Asha calling. The last shot is of him smiling.

Cast & Crew Details:
Josh Hamilton
Ayesha Dharker

Director: John Jeffcoat
Producer: Tom Gorai
Music Director: BC Smith
Cinematographer: Teodoro Maniaci
Editor: Brian Berdan
Original Story Writer: George Wing