Toh Baat Pakki Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2010 | Comedy, Romance
Toh Baat Pakki entertains in parts. The performances are good, but it can't save the film.
Feb 19, 2010 By Ashok Nayak

Toh Baat Pakki is about a middle-class housewife and a mother of two - Rajeshwari (Tabu), whose main aim is to get her sister married off to an eligible man from the high walks of life. Suiting to her requirements, walks in Rahul Saxena (Sharman) studying engineering and has prospects of a promising future. Not to let go of the candy in hand, she offers him to move into her home as a paying guest. However, to her bad luck, she finds out that Rahul isn't interested in marriage but soon hatches a plan to change his mind and make him fall in love with her sister Nisha (Yuvika).

When everything goes to plan, walks in Yuvraaj Saxena (Vatsal Seth) who owns a business and is awaiting the completion of his own home. This tickles her mind and she soon plans to get rid of Rahul and fix Yuvraaj as her sister's match. How does she work her wicked tricks? Who gets to marry Nisha? Toh Baat Pakki is a comical tale of love, match making and matrimony.

Toh Baat Pakki, with a blend of comedy and melodrama, is neither here nor there. It suffers in the most important aspect of film-making - the script / screenplay. The script is high on predictability and is more suited for a one hour sit-com. Debutant director Kedarh Shinde has tried too hard to channel clean situational comedy (like Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee's classics) but pulls in too many unnecessary characters and twists (like Priyadarshan's flicks) and ends up serving a confused tale that is dull and dreary.

The first half of the movie has some moments that grab your attention and keeps you entertained but post interval the film derails and the mood intermittently switches back and forth from comedy to serious drama. The sequences leading to the climax is overtly dragged, especially when the result is extremely predictable. The dialogues are far from being funny, except a few. Music by Pritam isn't up to the mark and is haphazardly placed just to add to the runtime.

Toh Baat Pakki works to an extent only because of Tabu. She carries off the quintessential house-wife role with dexterity however her spirited performance isn't enough to overshadow the pit-holes in the script. Sharman Joshi is equally competent with good comic timing. Vatsal Sheth looks charming and does well in a few scenes. Yuvika Chaudhary has nothing to do.

To sum things up, Toh Baat Pakki entertains in parts. The performances are good, but can't save the film. With most shows at multiplexes occupied by Shahrukh Khan's My Name Is Khan, Toh Baat Pakki targeted at the multiplex audience in big cities would struggle to recover its costs.

Ashok Nayak